20ft Air Dancers®

Check out our ever growing collection of 20ft Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men. These full size kings of the sky are guaranteed to get you noticed. At up to twenty feet tall, this is the inflatable advertising tool that started it all. Click below to shop today.

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10ft Air Dancers®

View our full collection of in stock 10ft Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men. An excellent choice for sidewalk and medium scale use, these mid-height models are highly visible without being over the top. Click to search designs, or create your own ten foot tube guy.

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6ft Air Dancers®

Shop our full collection of 6ft Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, on a smaller scale and budget. The smallest in the tube guy range, the six foot model keeps costs in check without compromising quality or effectiveness.

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Custom Air Dancers®

If you can dream it, we can make it. Whether you already have a design, or need one created by our in-house design experts, we can create the perfect Air Dancers® Inflatable tube man for your next event, and we’ll even get you a free mockup within the hour.

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What is an inflatable tube man?

You’ve seen them everywhere; from used car lots to music videos, Air Dancers® brand inflatable tube me have taken the world by storm. Wacky waving tube guys are a tried and true method of attracting attention on a large scale, without depleting your marking budget. The low cost but high impact nature of these outdoor advertising products are what have made them so popular among auto dealerships and service centers, storefront retail businesses, and entertainment and trade show events. Tubes constructed with proprietary fabrics and assembled in pre-formulated shapes receive a constant blast of air from industrial blower fans. The result is a dynamic, eye catching, attention arresting advertising beacon.

Who is behind the Air Dancers® brand?

Air Dancers® is the proprietary brand name of the inflatable tube men category of products, by LookOurWay®. Years of experience in the market, continuous research & development, and a hunger to always improve on a product that has continuously provided success for our customers is our daily mission. LookOurWay® is the premier supplier of high quality inflatable advertising products, including the Air Dancers® brand of tube men.

Where to use / Where NOT to use?

Where you intend to use an Air Dancers® inflatable tube man will help inform which size dancing guy is the best fit for you. If you have an abundance of open space, with no ceiling or height limits, then the 20ft tall model is the one for you. If you’re planning on displaying this just outside your doors on a sidewalk and have height and space limitations, or you intend to use this indoors, then the 6ft tube man is right for you. If space isn’t an issue, but budget is, we’d recommend the 10 foot model which gives you many of the benefits of the larger size but at a fraction of the cost. View the size chart below to see how they stack up. Also, be sure to vary the location you deploy your tube man, keep it fresh to maximize it’s eye catching capabilities. Finally, we recommend re-ordering throughout the year to consistently update your advertising messaging.

Proprietary Materials & Construction Methods

LookOurWay® uses the highest quality proprietary fabric material mix to achieve the three critical performance objectives: dynamic dancing motion, durability, and preventing discoloration. What you’ll see in a low cost knock off is a product that just doesn’t dance right, that rips and destroys itself soon after the first use, and advanced color fading. Air Dancers® brand inflatable tube men reply years of engineering innovation to combat what you’ll find elsewhere.

Basic Setup Information

Place the blower on a flat, stable, and dry surface. Ensure that there isn’t anything nearby that could snag, puncture, or tear the tube when it is up and dancing. Test the power outlet you’ll use to be sure it can handle the blower’s capacity. Open the attachment and starting with the side opposite the opening, affix the attachment to the blower by pressing the hook and loop strip on the attachment to the strip on the blower. Slowly bring the attachment around the rim of the blower, making sure to keep a snug fit, and finally synching down the slip on the attachment, creating a seal around the blower. Plug in the blower to a standard 120v with a functioning GFCI breaker built in. Switch it on. Dance.

Care Instructions

Your inflatable tube man attachment can be washed in a front loading washing machine only, using a cold water cycle. We don’t recommend using top loading washing machines because of the potential for the attachment to get tangled during a cycle. Be sure to use a mild non-bleach detergent in a very small amount to avoid any discoloration. After it is washed, hang dry, do not machine dry.

Size Chart


6ft Air Dancer® Inflatable Tube Man Uses:


As a standalone business or a part of a shopping center you may be limited by space, but our 6ft Air Dancers® inflatable tube men are perfect for grabbing the attention of shoppers walking by or passing through your parking lot.


6ft Air Dancers® inflatable tube men are the ideal size for backyards, parks, and recreation centers (kids love to watch Air Dancers® inflatable tube men move).

10ft Air Dancer® Inflatable Tube Man Uses:


Air Dancers® brand of inflatable tube men are eye catching and will draw attention to your business. They are especially useful for promoting your business' special sale or promo. Great for Parking Lots - Car Washes - Car Lots - Car Repair Service Centers - Public Events - Warehouse/liquidation Sales - Produce Stands - Flea Markets - Furniture Stores - Mattress Stores - and any business where catching the attention of your customers matters.

20ft Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man Uses:


Gas Stations - Auto Dealerships - Restaurants - Gyms - Tax Service Shops - Furniture Retail Stores. Overall one of the most COST EFFECTIVE ways to drive new customers to your business.

Air Dancers® Brand Inflatable Tube Man Instructions

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