Custom Mini Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men

Design your very own mini tube guy, or leverage our fully free design services to bring your creation to life. Our talented art team will help you layout your company’s logo, messaging, or your own personal photo or artwork onto the entire surface of this miniature tube guy.

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Mini Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men Sets

Build a complete mini tube man set by choosing from our collection of in-stock pre-printed designs. Everything from bold plain colors to holiday, patriotic, Christmas, Halloween, and much more. Our collection of ready to ship designs grows every day.

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Mini Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man Attachments

If you already have a mini blower, shop our collection of additional (attachment only) mini tube guy sleeves. Add to your collection of seasonal, hilarious, and relevant designs.

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What is a “mini” inflatable tube man?

Mini inflatable tube men are miniature scale reproductions of the giant inflatable tube men products that people have come to know and love. Mini Air Dancers® inflatable tube men are designed by the same company that brought you the authentic iconic wacky waving man. The small and portable size of this innovative new advertising tool makes it perfect for office desks, reception areas, retail stores, trade show booths, grocery aisles, market end caps, and much more.


Mini Air Dancers® Brand Inflatable Tube Man Instructions