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Air Ranger Inflatable Tube Man Bird Control in Crop Fields
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  • The Air Ranger® is a bird deterrent solution that works!
  • Reduce crop loss due to birds and other animals by up to 100%
  • Up to 50x return on investment
  • Dynamic unrepeatable dancing motion keeps birds away time after time

Air Ranger® is the safe, easy, and affordable bird control solution to keep those pesky birds other unwanted pests away from your crops. The patent pending solution is proven to reduce bird damage to your fruit, vegetable and seed. Protect your profits with the LookOurWay inflatable tube man bird control method today!

20ft Red White and Blue Air Ranger
Red White and Blue Air Ranger Inflatable Tube Man Bird Deterrent
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20ft Red and Yellow Air Ranger
Red and Yellow Air Ranger Inflatable Tube Man Bird Deterrent
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AIR RANGER® 20ft BY$99.00
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AIR RANGER® 12ft $85.00
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AIR RANGER® 12ft OB$85.00

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The Wall Street Journal: "New Scarecrows for Vineyards: Car Dealers' Inflatable 'Dancing' Tube Men"
Quote: "Especially in our problem area, the dancing guys just worked fantastic"
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American Agriculturist:"Waging War Against Winged Wildlife Crop Damagers"
Quote: "The air dancers successfully deterred birds from sweet corn fields that year, with up to a 19% yield gain and $418 more revenue per acre."
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Cornell Chronicle: "Scary Dancers Chase Birds From Fruit"
Quote: "Those large, inflatable plastic characters that loom over used car lots have a new purpose: scaring away birds that cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to U.S. orchards and vineyards."
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The David R. Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future:"Inflatable Dancing Scarecrows Save Crops"
Quote: "The inflatable scarecrows work better than netting, danger-warning bird calls, or hawk kites."
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G.S. Long Co. - Gary Long
Quote: "Especially in our problem area, the dancing guys just worked fantastic"

Valley View Farm - Steven Otto
Quote: "It's the most effective bird deterrent I've ever seen! You know, when it's dancing the birds aren't there."

Cornell University - Heidi Henrichs
Quote: “My observation is that they worked better than any of the other things that were tested,"


1. Question: Does the Air Ranger® require electricity?
  • Answer: Yes, the Air Ranger blower requires 110v/60hz. The 20ft Air Rangers must be powered by the LookOurWay 18 inch Air Dancer Blower. The tube Air Rangers must be powered by the LookOurWay 12 inch Air Dancer Blower.

2. Question: Is the Air Ranger® inflatable bird deterrent product patented?
  • Answer: The Air Ranger® is patent pending. The patent will be strictly and swiftly enforced!

3. Question: Is it important to have the shiny reflective silver and gold material? What does this do?
  • Answer: Yes, it's absolutely imperative to utilize the reflective hair, fingers, and skirts in order to achieve maximum bird deterrence. Birds can be fooled once, or even for a short period of time, however the reflective and shining light produced by the Air Ranger® is a crucial element in the continued bird deterrent success of the Air Ranger®. It's simple, others just don't work as well.

4. Question: What outdoor generator work best for with Air Ranger®?
  • Answer: We recommend the Sportsman GEN2000LP 2,000 Watt 2.8 OHV Propane generator. The gas powered generator also works well, but the propane is a bit more cost effective.

5. Question: What other products can be used simultaneously with the Air Ranger® to achieve maximum bird deterring results?
  • Answer: We have customers using their Air Rangers in conjunction with the Zon Cannon or BirdGard noise machines. The AirRanger does not require an additional noise component since the noise from the blower is effective as a bird repellent, although the use of other machines in your bird control strategy can help.

6. Question: What applications has the Air Ranger® been successfully used for?
  • Answer: See the below list of some of the applications in which the Air Ranger® has been used to produce positive results:

    • Wineries and Grape Farming
    • Apple farming - Bird, turkey, and boar prevention
    • Blueberry farming
    • Peach farming
    • Raspberry farming
    • Strawberry farming
    • Cherry farming
    • Catfish farming
    • Carp farming
    • Sea lion and seal deterring - Multiple California Harbors use Air Ranger®

7. Question: Can I us Air Ranger® in the rain?
  • Answer: The Air Ranger attachment material will not be damaged by rain, however the electric blower that powers the unit will be damaged if water gets into the motor. All LookOurWay blowers are constructed to be used outdoors and in extreme conditions. However, they do have exposed electronic inner parts and all blowers will be damaged if water gets into them. So we don't recommend using the product in the rain, and we do recommend covering the products at night and during rain.

8. Question: Are there any bulk discounts for large quantity orders of the Air Ranger®?
  • Answer: Yes, please call as at (866) 586-3888 to discuss large orders consisting of 12+ units. One of our on-site, courteous, and informative sales reps will be happy to assist you.
9. Question: How do I check the status of my order?
  • Answer: Sign into your LookOurWay account by clicking the "My Account" link on the very top of each page at Sign into your account and then click "Order Status". You will be able to view the status of your order, receive tracking information, and see all past orders.
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