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Outdoor Reusable Balloon Kits

Outdoor Reusable Balloon Kits will allow you to display perfect balloons, in the color of your choice, precisely where you want them for extended periods of time. There's no need for helium with these permanent balloons. Sometimes referred to as Dura Balloons, these heavy duty vinyl balloons withstand the outdoors and are perched on top of a sturdy  kit pole. Stake them in the ground, set them outside your doors, suction cup them to a window; clip them on, screw them in, tighten them to light poles, car windows, retaining posts, gates, building facades... anywhere you need shiny new perfect balloons that will last and last without any maintenance. Each Outdoor Reusable Balloon Kit comes in the arrangement of your choice, with all the stems poles and permanent balloon hardware needed, as well as your choice of colored balloons. 

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