​6 Reasons To Love Giant Inflatables

​6 Reasons To Love Giant Inflatables

Posted by Ray G. on 21st May 2019

The business world is extremely competitive, which is why it’s essential to harness every possible advantage over your competition. While you can advertise in print and broadcast media, what are you doing to attract potential customers who drive or walk past your location? Standard signage is a good start, but it easily fades into the background, especially in areas with multiple businesses. One way to stand out in a crowded field is by taking advantage outdoor advertising with a giant inflatable. Here are six great reasons why these custom-made outdoor marketing products might be a great idea for your company.

Increased Visibility

giant inflatable

How often do you notice individual signs as you drive through a commercial area? A sign is an easy way to let someone know where your front door is, but it’s hard to reach out and grab people when you’re operating in two dimensions. No matter if you use a giant inflatable gorilla or another similar product, it will hulk over anything else in the landscape and draw eyes towards your business. Some models even incorporate motion, which does even more to catch attention.

Easy Storage

In the past, when a business wanted an over-sized advertising component, it required the purchase of a massive item made out of fiberglass or another durable material, which is then permanently installed on the property. Since these large objects are always present, it was impractical to put them up for seasonal sales or other short-term promotions. While highway enthusiasts still seek out these old-school roadside attractions, inflatables have rendered them obsolete. When you want to put up a giant inflatable duck for your springtime sale, it’s easy to deflate the item and tuck it into a closet until the next time it’s needed.


When you buy a billboard or set up a permanent sign, it stays in one place until you pay to have it moved somewhere else. Since inflatables take up a small amount of space, it’s easy to move them from one space to another. This can come in handy if you’d like to give your business a presence at a street festival or some other temporary event. Once the gathering ends, simply deflate your piece and take it back to your headquarters. Anyone who saw your company at the fair will recognize your over-sized item as a symbol of your business.

Make Your Company Memorable

Are you more likely to remember the 1000th billboard you pass along the highway or a giant inflatable unicorn telling 

giant inflatable dog

you to buy ice cream? One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is make sure potential customers think about your company whenever the need for your goods or services presents itself. Incorporate your organization’s colors into the inflatable’s design and pick something fun that’s memorable. By investing in one of these over-sized marketing devices and placing it in a prominent space, you stand a good chance of carving out a small piece of real estate in the minds of people in your community.

Repeat Use

Traditional marketing methods can be attractive to business owners, but many of them can only be used one time. When you take a billboard down, it no longer exists, which means you need to create an entirely new piece if you want to set it up in a more advantageous location. As long as you take care of your inflatable piece, it will provide years of repeated use whenever you need to produce an increase in foot traffic.


In today’s competitive business environment, it’s important to do more with less, and that includes a strategy of squeezing every last drop of efficiency out of your marketing dollars. You could spend money on traditional advertising methods, but each one comes with a drawback:

  • Radio advertisements are extremely expensive.
  • Billboards require monthly leases that could run in excess of $3,000.
  • Print outlets are losing subscribers, which could render your newspaper or magazine ad unseen.

For all three of these traditional tactics, you’re basically renting space on somebody else’s property and when you’re done paying, your visibility disappears. By investing in an inflatable product, you’re gaining an asset that’s actually owned by the company, and you’re only on the hook for a one-time purchase instead of ongoing expenses.

It’s Time To Inflate Your Marketing Strategy

inflatable gorillas

These are just a few of the reasons your business could benefit from a giant inflatable ball or another over-sized product, but there are plenty of additional benefits to this service. No matter if you’d like to create a gigantic replica of your product or you’d just like to give customers a good laugh, inflatables fit the bill perfectly. The only thing left for you to do is pick a design that meets your company’s needs and choose the right space to set up your new marketing component.