Add Lettering to Both Sides of Your Custom Feather Flag

Add Lettering to Both Sides of Your Custom Feather Flag

10th Feb 2017

Increase your advertising power with  custom double sided feather flags by LookOurWay! Make your Custom Feather Flag double sided to advertise to both sides of oncoming traffic, doubling your exposure. Every location is different, but making your custom products double sided creates visibility from both directions. Display your company’s name, message, and logo on both sides of your custom feather flag to maximize exposure. The double sided upgrade is available for both the 5ft Custom Feather Flag and 12ft Custom Feather Flag.

LookOurWay Custom Feather Flags can be printed with virtually any color, text, or logo on both sides of the flag. With the double sided upgrade, all messaging will be clearly visible from both directions to allow for maximum advertising power.

Going double sided allows for both sides of text to be displayed in correct orientation, while single sided offers a mirrored backside. Market to both sides of oncoming car and foot traffic with  double sided feather flags. LookOurWay can even print a separate message on each side of your custom flag. Why limit yourself to single sided text when you can display your message on both sides? Go double sided today!