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Air Dancers® the Modern Scarecrow that Works!

Air Dancers® the Modern Scarecrow that Works!

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Are you facing an issue with pesky birds or other unwanted pests?? Do birds tend to come in and ruin your crops or perhaps you found animals on your porch or in your garden? Then we got just the right thing for you! Our Air Dancers® inflatable tube men and our Air Rangers® are a safe, easy and affordable solution to keep those frisky birds and pests away from whatever your trying to protect! We know you've seen them before and yes they're the "dancing tube man" outside car retail lots and grocery stores. But don't be mistaken that these Inflatable Tube Man dancers are only good for advertising.... Let us tell you why they also make good scarecrows!

1. Backyard Gardening

Surely an enthusiastic gardener such as yourself knows the problems that you will meet while trying to get to that "perfect garden". There’s nothing more annoying than having birds and other animals feed on your garden at any given time. Given that it is completely impossible to keep an eye out for them at all times, what would you do?

Setting up a normal scarecrow is a good solution but it can only be temporary. Why? Birds and other pests are curious animals that are persistent. Scarecrows do not move which will allow animals to soon figure out it is harmless and continue their destructive path. But have no fear, because now you have the Air Dancer®. A custom Air Dancer, much like a scarecrow, can scare these pests away because it gives them the no chance to adapt. With the correct design and color combined with the erratic movement, the Air Dancer can work day and night to protect your plants and crops. Utilize LookOurway's experienced design team by designing the best design to protect your garden from these critters.

2. Commercial Farming

What's harder than keeping a garden safe? It's keeping hectares of crops safe from critters such as birds. It’s very time-consuming for you to patrol each corner of your farmland and protect it from pests, and most likely, you'll only know that there's a pest once you see damage done on your hard work.

A typical farmer sets up the scarecrow but as we mentioned before, that it's only a temporary solution. Lucky for you that we have Air Ranger specifically designed for this kind of situation, the Air Ranger. With a design made to scare away farmland pests, the Air Ranger is sure to protect your crops from harm. Allowing you to profit more during harvest season.

The Air Ranger will solve your farm's bird issue with its excellent design that doesn't simply scare the birds away from your crops but also guarantees the protection of your farm from other animals. Choose the perfect design of Air Ranger at LookOurWay. We’ll make sure you have the best of the best in terms of quality and efficiency.

3. Municipal Bird Deterrent

Birds has been a part of the problem in towns and cities, the most common bird to cause these problem is known as the rock pigeon. They’re really common wherever you go in the world. Although they really seem harmless but a lot of possible complication may arise if you let them be such as: First they may carry avian influenza and parasites that is fatal if you’re infected, second is that their dropping can harm you causing certain amount diseases, third is that they can cause bird strike an event where birds hits a plane causing minor to catastrophic damages, and lastly is that they can cause you certain credibility damage(Health Ratings) when they make their nest on your property.

Here are some examples of disease you can get from pigeons:

  • E. Coli - Bacteria found in environment or water causing multiple complication.
  • Salmonellosis - Bacteria that affect the intestinal tract.
  • Histoplasmosis - Fungus infection found in bird droppings.

Be a part of the solution to protect yourself and your town from these pest. Set up an Air Ranger that will both drive away birds away from your establishment and advertise your business. Get your custom Air Dancer at LookOurWay. With our design team with can create a wondrous air dancer that will get rid of these pigeons.

4. Marine & Harbor: Bird and Mammal Deterrent

At one point we’re pretty sure that you've seen a clip of people getting attacked by seagulls for their snack. Although from these videos they seem a little happy or surprised about the incident but it seems there's another side of these stories. In a recent research there has been a rise on hospital admission due to seagull strikes which left them injured ranging from minor wounds to deep cuts, there’s even a man who got a ban from a hotel due to these birds attacking his room. According to another research that seagulls has developed a behaviour of which they will simply attack tourist or anyone with food. This is very discouraging especially for a retail business near harbours.

The solution we propose is that to protect both your customers and your credibility that you set up an Air Dancer that will both drive away these seagulls away from your customers and away from the area. Use our Design team’s skills to create an air dancer that's both attractive and effective on this task.

5. Home: Deer & Mammal Deterrent

Have you ever woke up from a good night sleep only to find a dangerous animal has invaded in your backyard? These events usually happens when you’re unprepared and without preparation the results for you or your family could be fatal. Trying to get rid of these animals by yourself is extremely dangerous and not advisable due to the fact that they carry rabies which is deadly if you’re bitten. But don’t worry we got your back with our Air Ranger. With air ranger you can scare away animals who might come to trespass your property just set it up and it’s ready to go.

Utilize LookOurWay’s highly skilled design team to design you the meanest Air Ranger that will scare dangerous animals and protecting you and your family from harm.

Pest and dangerous animals could come at any given time. Don’t wait for the damage before taking action, Set up your own air ranger and air dancer to keep these critters away from you and your property. Shop for only the best Air Ranger at: https://www.airranger.com/ or https://www.lookourway.com/


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