Air Dancers® the Scarecrow for Bird Control at Home, on Farms, and More!

Air Dancers® the Scarecrow for Bird Control at Home, on Farms, and More!

Posted by Ray G. - Branding specialist/graphic designer at LookOurWay who has worked in multiple industries including printing, packaging & labeling and graphic design. He holds a BFA from Academy of Art University. on 24th Aug 2018

The Inflatable Tube Man for No Harm Bird Control

Air Dancer® for Bird Control - The Inflatable Tube Man is an Effective Bird Deterrent Method

Millions of homeowners, gardeners, farmers, and even municipalities fight the problem of bird control every year. Birds not only tend to come in and ruin vegetable patches, but they also cause tens of millions of dollars in damages to commercial farms and litter public spaces with filth and possible disease. There are many types of bird control methods and systems, but many of them involve harming the animals or using bird repellents that are made with harsh chemicals. We’ve found an effective and safe solution to this problem with the beloved Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man! We have introduced a new line of inflatable tube men specifically for animal and bird control purposes named Air Ranger®. Here’s why the wacky waving inflatable tube man you usually see on car lots is so effective as a bird deterrent.

Bird Deterrent for Gardening

Air Dancer® as a Scarecrow for Gardens - Protect Your Garden from Pests

Many gardeners are all too familiar with the problem that birds present when trying to grow that perfect garden. There’s nothing more frustrating than birds and other animals feeding on your newly planted seeds, sprouts, and veggies. You can’t always be watching your garden to yell at the thieving avians. Setting up a scarecrow is a great solution but it’s only temporary because they soon become familiar with your stoic straw creation. What can a gardener do that won’t harm his/her furry and feathered friends but also not expose his/her garden crops to chemicals? A custom Air Dancer® is what you are looking for to scare these pests away. The erratic movement of inflatable tube men gives birds and other pests no chance to adapt. With the correct design and color combination, the Air Dancer® can work day and night to protect your plants and crops. Utilize the LookOurWay® design team to customize the design of your new wacky waving scarecrow to protect your garden from these critters.

Commercial Farming and Agriculture Bird Control

Air Dancer® as a Bird Control Method for Commercial Agriculture Farms

Commercial farms have the monumental task of keeping crop fields safe, and their livelihood depends on it. Millions of dollars are spent on bird deterrents and fancy bird control systems that protect large farms from pests such as birds and rats. It’s very time-consuming to patrol every corner of your farmland to protect it from pests. Most of the time you'll only know that there's been a pest in your field once you see the damage that it has already caused.

A typical farmer will set up a series of scarecrows but as we mentioned before, it's not the most effective solution in the long run. Companies are developing complicated solutions like deploying drones and toxic, dangerous bird repellents like Methyl anthranilate. Our Air Ranger® is specifically designed to bring a balanced solution to this problem. When strategically placed, they are a superior solution compared to other bird control devices. They don’t need to be monitored and birds and animals stay away because of their scary design,constant erratic movements, and resulting sounds. With a design made to deter farmland pests without chemicals or harmful methods, they are a cost-effective solution to add to your bird control strategy.

Choose the perfect model Air Ranger® that's ideal for your use case. At LookOurWay, we provide hands on support to our customers and sell the highest quality products available.

Municipal Bird Deterrent

Air Dancer® as a Bird Control Method for Municipalities, Towns, and Events

Believe it or not, birds often cause problems in towns and cities. The most common birds to cause these problems are rock pigeons and migratory geese. Even though they seem harmless, they can cause a lot of public safety issues if they're not controlled:

  • They may carry viruses and parasites that can be fatal to young children or those with compromised immune systems.
  • Their droppings spread diseases like E. Coli, Histoplasmosis, and Salmonellosis—all of which are harmful to humans and our companion animals.
  • They can also cause catastrophic accidents at events that include aircrafts.
  • If birds nest on a commercial or business property, they can bring certain health violations and liability issues to the owner.

Municipalities can set up an Air Ranger® in areas that birds congregate and both scare away birds but also bring a bit of fun to the public spaces. Order a customAir Dancer®designed for your town or establishment.

Marine & Harbor: Bird and Mammal Deterrent

Air Dancer® as a Bird Control Method for Marinas and Harbors

If you are a business or establishment on the water, you may be all too familiar with the problems that seagulls cause. Using Air Dancers® near harbors and marinas protects your business and tourists from seagulls and other marine pests that can cause harm to people and the spaces they want to use.

Seagulls have been a menace for tourists and businesses near water forever, especially when food is involved. There has been a rise in injuries that concern seagulls and these incidents place liability on property owners. So what can you do? It’s frowned upon to harm animals, so setting up traps for these birds is not a viable option. The Air Ranger® is not harmful but it is very effective. With these guys on your side, your business, customers, and their french fries are safe from seagull attacks..

Air Dancers as Deer & Mammal Deterrents

Air Dancer® as a Bird, Deer, and Bear Control Method for Your Home

It may not be the most common problem, but for those who live in more rural and remote areas, you may have problems with wildlife. Do you regularly encounter large and potentially dangerous animals in your backyard? As humans encroach more and more into habitats of large predatory animals, more accidents and encounters will inevitably happen. Trying to get rid of these animals by yourself is not only extremely dangerous, it may also be illegal. But don’t worry we’ve got your back with our Air Ranger®.

Utilize LookOurWay®’s highly skilled design team to design your own Air Dancer® and scare bears, cougars, coyotes and more back into the wilderness and protect your family and pets from harm.