Car Dealership Advertising Ideas

Car Dealership Advertising Ideas

Posted by LookOurWay on 14th Aug 2020

Car dealers face stiff competition when trying to attract buyers. While many dealers turn to traditional methods such as TV and radio advertising, these don't always produce the best bang for your buck. Implementing a few of the following creative and affordable new and used car dealership advertising ideas can provide a more cost-effective marketing alternative.

Sponsor Local Events

Trust is a crucial factor for car dealers, as it helps them establish a favorable reputation within the community. Sponsoring sports teams or charitable events such as school or hospital fundraisers will help your dealership build goodwill and gain the confidence of prospective buyers.

Create a Memorable Slogan

If you think of a car dealer that's been around for decades, you probably associate it with a unique tagline or catchphrase. Developing a slogan that sticks in people's minds will help establish your brand and make your business more memorable.

Become a Thought Leader

People always have questions about their vehicles, whether they're looking for valuable car buying tips, reliable advice regarding how to correct a mechanical issue or ways to maximize fuel efficiency. Setting up an informative blog on your dealership website or sending out helpful newsletter articles to customers via email will position you as an expert and establish trust.

Mobile Advertising

More consumers are using their tablets and smartphones to conduct research when they're looking for a new vehicle. Advertising on mobile platforms can help you reach more of these frequent technology users.

Free Services

Providing something for free can incentivize buyers to come to your dealership. If you offer a free service such as no-cost oil changes for a year or longer, you'll also entice them to keep coming back, which is another way to build loyalty.


Giving away small, inexpensive promotional items such as cups, license plate holders and pens emblazoned with your logo helps you keep your dealership in customers' minds. They also serve as an inexpensive advertising solution for reaching new buyers.

Feather Flags

You probably hold numerous sales and special promotions throughout the year. Placing a  feather flag along the road is an effective and affordable way to advertise the event to passersby. You'll attract the attention of buyers and encourage them to stop in for a closer look.

Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men

These  inflatable tube men "wave" at people as they pass by your dealership, and act as an eye-catching on-site advertising tool.


Placing colorful balloons on the cars in your lot will help specific models stand out to prospective buyers.  Reusable balloons, especially, offer a cost-effective long-term advertising solution.

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