Custom Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men - Top 5 Reasons They Increase Sales

Custom Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men - Top 5 Reasons They Increase Sales

Posted by Patrick Dean on 24th Jul 2018

There are many strategies and actions one can take to promote their business. But if you want to increase your sales, having a custom Air Dancers® inflatable tube man is the best answer to see substantial and immediate results. Our products are used daily by thousands of retail businesses to create brand awareness and to draw attention to their retail presence.

Here are some well developed reasons why these products will increase a retail businesses sales & success.

1. The Most Cost-Effective Method of Advertising.

Utilizing your marketing budget in an efficient and productive way is very important in ensuring the success of your marketing campaigns. Investing in a LookOurWay® 20ft tall Air Dancer® set just could be the best investment your business can make all year long. If a product will get your business noticed by the thousands of people that pass your retail business each day, is this worth the $229 investment? Of course it is!

These branded inflatable tube man products can definitely help you increase your business sales without unnecessarily spending lots of money. We all know that reaching a large number of customers is not cheap. Do you want an advertising tool that is well worth it? Get your own Custom Air Dancer today.

2. Draw More Attention Than Non-moving Signs.

Flags and banners may be cheaper but Air Dancers are much more effective at attracting attention and achieving the desired result of getting your business noticed. Non-moving signs are less likely to catch the attention of your customers. In this modern world, non moving signs and banners can become part of the environment and blend in like wallpaper.

Furthermore, the human brain is hardwired for motion. According to human biological roots, when we notice something move, we pause and try to evaluate it. Motion creates a sense of urgency. Advertising products which dynamically move, allow your potential customers to spare a few minutes to see or, better yet, visit your business.

3. Portability and Versatility.

Portability is a major benefit of a promotional advertising product. Huge billboards are expensive and only promote your business’s message in a particular area and to only one direction of traffic. Instead, eye-catching inflatable tube men can be placed in almost any location to target almost all types of passing traffic. They can be moved from one location to the next in less than seconds. Their portability allows for this advertising product to have more versatility than any almost any other signage product on the market.

Make your advertising and promotional tactics the signature of your business. You want to leave a positive impression on your customers, and if done properly you can make your customers think of your business, every time they see one of our products. Work with our design team to create a custom design for you so that your Air Dancer will match your business’s colors and branding. Your advertising message and products should be aligned with your business’s brand, theme, and overall look. Don’t let another business get noticed for your innovative advertising.

4. They Never Call In Sick.

Our products will work for your business every single day! They always bring attention to your business and smiles to your customer’s faces. They are reliable and consistently work to bring your business positive benefits day after day. Consistency is the key to advertising and promotional success.  Our advertising products dedicate their entire being to one single task. They are specially formulated, intricately designed, and manufactured for the sole purpose of drawing attention to your business through their dynamic dancing action. Air Dancers® inflatable tube men products are commercial-grade industrial products that are designed to last. They don’t get distracted and they can consistently brighten the day of your customers. They always show enthusiasm and the friendly face that you want representing your business.

Sign Spinners might do more tricks but they also get tired, take breaks, can show up late, get sick, and ask for a raise. There’s no guarantee of them being present when you need them. You need something that catches people's attention and keeps it. You need LookOurWay products that are always there and always working for you.

5. People love them.

Who would (or even could) ignore a dynamically moving inflatable tube man? Few people find these types of innovative advertising products to be off putting but most find them to be fun, lovable, and unique. Either way, these products do the job of attracting attention of potential customers to your business.

Taking advantage of the thousands of cars and people that pass by your business daily is the only job of your Air Dancer®. So if you’re looking to bring on the hardest working, most reliable, and most cost effective member of your team, begin shopping today!