Custom Canopy Tents: A Must-Have for 2019

Custom Canopy Tents: A Must-Have for 2019

Posted by Ray G. - Branding specialist/graphic designer at LookOurWay who has worked in multiple industries including printing, packaging & labeling and graphic design. He holds a BFA from Academy of Art University. on 31st Jan 2019

Custom Pop Up Tents for 2019

It's a new year, and you're likely looking for new ways to connect with the public and reinforce your brand identity with customers both new and existing. Perhaps you plan to attend some sort of trade event or sponsor an activity and are seeking a way to increase visibility. An affordable, portable promotional tent allows to you bring your message directly to the people, indoors or out.

Is There a Difference a Custom Canopy and a Custom Pop Up Tent?

The two terms can be, and often are, used interchangeably to describe a fabric covering atop a metal framework, usually constructed of aluminum or steel, that may provide some shelter from the elements outdoors, often customized with a company logo for public recognition inside and out. A structure with a fabric wall on one or more sides in addition to a cloth cover may be referred to as a tent, while a canopy is typically used specifically to describe a structure consisting of only an overhead cover on a metal frame. Sometimes customers already have the frame and are simply looking for a new covering; in these cases, the term "custom canopy tops" are used to indicate that the frame is not included.

What Size Canopies and Pop Up Tents Are Available?

Pop up tents and canopies come in a variety different sizes:

  • Custom 5 x5 pop up tent or canopy
  • Custom 10 x10 pop up tent or canopy

Depending on the event, your company presence may be restricted to a limited-size area. Therefore, it may be a good idea to purchase both the 5 x5 and 10 x10 sizes so that if the latter is too big for a particular venue, the former can be used in its stead.

Where Can Custom Canopies and Pop Up Tents Be Used?

Just about anywhere; the structures are lightweight and portable so they can come with you wherever you go and serve to announce your company to passersby.

1. Outdoor Events

Outdoor events such as festivals, farmers markets, and outdoor sports like races and marathons are a great way to interact directly with and foster relationships in the community. Not only does a custom logo canopy or pop up tent get your name out to the public at outdoor events, it also makes practical sense as either can afford some shelter from outdoor elements such as sun and rain. Needless to say, however, rain protection may be limited in an open or semi-open structure such as a pop up tent or a canopy depending on other factors, such as wind direction.

2. Trade Shows and Other Indoor Events

However, you don't necessarily need to brave the elements in order to take advantage of the advertising potential of a custom logo canopy or pop up tent. Due to the ease of set up and lack of a center pole, each structure can also be utilized indoors at events such as trade shows in order to attract the attention of passersby.

What Other Accessories Are Available for Use with Custom Canopies and Pop Up Tents?

Each structure makes a striking statement on its own, but accessories are available to further attract attention and enhance the professional look of your booth. These accessories range from the functional to the purely decorative, some are better suited to indoors than out, and vice versa, but what they all have in common is that they are available for separate purchase or as part of our more advanced custom tent packages.

1. Tablecloths

You can probably get along with a bare table at an event, but a  custom tablecloth with logo may serve to protect the surface underneath and also provides a unified, more professional look to your booth, with your logo and/or lettering printed on all sides. If you aren't sure what size table you'll be assigned, a custom stretch tablecloth with the ability to extend to 6 feet long and 30 inches wide may be the best choice. However, if you're bringing your own table, you may instead opt for a custom fitted tablecloth. Use of custom tablecloths in the rain is not recommended.

2. Flags

Custom flags are an effective way to attract attention even from a long way off. We offer two types of flags, teardrop flags and feather flags, in all different sizes in order to meet your needs.

Teardrop flags are ideal for indoors or out; you can purchase a pole for installation directly into the ground or a freestanding base to rest upon the floor. Feather flags, which can also be freestanding or spiked into the ground depending on the base you choose, can flutter in the breeze above your canopy, catching people's attention even at a distance and drawing them to you.

Custom canopies, pop up tents, and accessories help you to stand out from the crowd. Whether you plan to travel cross-country or just around the corner to attend events in the upcoming year, you won't want to be without a custom tent in tow.