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Custom Pop Up Tents - Top 10 Uses

Custom Pop Up Tents - Top 10 Uses

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Stand out from your competition in any event with your own custom branded pop up tent canopy. Having this product takes advantage of each person present in an event. These people are your potential customers and soon to be your repeat customers

Regardless of the event, make sure your brands, teams, or events branding is captivating. Installing a normal booth or tent does not convey any message or any branding. It’s a wasted opportunity.

If you’re brand is participating in a trade show, showing up with generic displays would be a waste of money, time and effort. Even your regular customers might not notice that you are there. To avoid this, make sure to give life to your booth in any event you will conduct or attend. Utilize the space to set up a custom canopy that represents your business, brand or theme. These tents are easy to assemble and dismantle. If you need to change location because of inevitable situations, it is not a problem to move the location of your business stall or booth.

To spice up any event, get your own custom pop up tents from LookOurWay. These tents are an efficient and economical way to spread the word of your brand. They are also an incredible way of making your business stand out from your competition. Great for providing shade as well as a central meeting point, they effectively attract customers to your business and showcase your products. Learn more about the most popular and effective uses for Custom Pop Up Tents.

1. Business Grand Opening

The first day of a business event is always an important day. "There’s no redo in first impressions" are words you should live by if ever you're going to be a successful business. Grand openings are great events for new businesses and considered mandatory under retail best practices. Attracting new customers is the #1 priority of new businesses and branding is imperative during these early days. Branding doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but don’t trade low cost for high quality. LookOurWay custom pop up canopy tent are the perfect grand opening product that will make a large positive impact for your brand. Appeal to your new customers sense of curiosity, and utilize a product that will attract new customers like light to a fly.

Now to make your Grand Opening Day eye-catching. Simply turning the sign on your door from "Closed" to "Open" doesn't really cut it on your first day. If you want people to become aware of your business you need to create a "presence" and grand openings are ideal for this.

2. Anniversary Sale

Showcase your business with an anniversary sale. Select a meaningful event for your business and create marketing buzz and reasons to connect with your customers by putting on an anniversary sale. Promote the success of your business and show how long you've been in operation in order to build credibility and deeper connection with your customers.

Anniversary sales or events should be posed as celebrations, used to attract customers (both old and new) to your business. Business tents can be easily and effectively utilized in order to brand your business and to bring about a visual sign of promotion and celebration. Anniversary sales are great events for retail businesses, and custom pop up canopy are great products for anniversary sales.

3. Community Event

Community events like neighborhood picnics, block parties, and 4th of July barbecues are all fun events that are packed with people and positive energy. Why not promote your business or brand while proving a great shady meeting and hangout point for your friends and family. If you own or operate a retail business, your should never take a moment off from promoting the business and connecting with both new and existing customers.

4. Trade Show

The purpose of a trade show is to promote your brand and business to both new and existing customers. Custom pop up canopy tent will allow your brand to be showcased and viewed by everyone that is in proximity. You can’t afford for potential customers to walk by your booth without knowing exactly what your business is and what you do! Your branding messages for trade shows should be direct, concise, bold, and attractive. LookOurWay’s experienced design team knows exactly how to create effective branding designs for trade show uses.

Other best practices for effective trade show promotion is to have high quality take away items, like print catalogues, pens, or water bottles. All these items should be heavily and consistently branded to match your custom pop up canopy tent. Branding is always important and your custom canopy top will allow you to have a leg up on the competition from the very beginning of the trade show.

5. Festivals

Music festivals are some of the fastest growing and highest attended events in the US. Music festivals like South By Southwest (SXSW), Coachella, Lollapalooza, Summerfest, EDC, and New Orleans Jazz Festival are all events that have over 500,000 people in attendance. These are the US’s largest music festivals, however aside from these there are thousands of smaller local music and art festivals around the country. These festivals provide excellent branding and promotional opportunities for your retails business. Why not position your brand in the center of the fun?

Give your friends, family, and customers a shaded place to meet and relax, while simultaneously conveying your businesses branding message to thousands!

6. Farmers Market

Have you been to a farmers market lately? They usually consist of row after row of white canopy tent, filled with delicious produce, meats, cheeses, and specialty goods. Each vendor or farm has devoted their lives to producing the highest quality products to be sold directly to the end customer. These vendors have devoted their lives to their craft, but why do they not spend 5 minutes to brand their booth and tent setup?

Differentiation is extremely important at farmers markets. Building relationships with your customers is pivotal in developing repeat long term customers. Don’t allow your customers to mix you up with your competitors, brand your business and products so that they know exactly what they’re buying and from who. Custom printed canopy make an incredibly professional and branded impression on all that pass.

7. Annual Sales

Similar to anniversary sales, annual sales a great promotional events that allow for brands to connect with their customers. Additionally, annual sales can be used to liquidate old inventory, reconnect with old customers, and release new products with your most engaged customers. Some of the most effective Annual Sales are done by companies that plan and think of every little detail of the event. A successful promotion, that we continue to hear from our customers, is to use the annual sale to reward your most loyal and best VIP customers. Many of our customers have been holding special early events where only their VIP customers are allowed to come and shop the newest styles and deals, before the rest of the public. This creates a sense of reward and specialty for the best and most valuable customers. Use custom canopy tent to promote and operate your annual sale events

8. 4th of July Sales

Business booms during the Fourth of July, Here's why. People are out on the streets to celebrate independence day and to celebrate they'll need the following: Food, Beverage, Fireworks and Merchandise, Especially if they're on a Red, White and Blue Theme. For a retails business this is a very important day because if not all most of your customers want to purchase your products. Set up a custom pop up canopy tent to provide your customers a shade while watching the Fourth of July Parade or to give ease of access of your products.

Of course LookOurWay's design team is prepared to give you high quality design that is both attractive and on theme for this special holiday.

9. Sports Team

Brand and promote your club soccer, football, baseball, or lacrosse team. Provide a branded meeting point to promote team unity and team moral for your next tournament or game. Give your team a nice shaded area to rest and relax within during or between games. Also, allow your teams parents and spectators to get out of the sun to enjoy the game even more. Utilize LookOurWay’s experienced design team, to produce high quality designs in order to create the perfect custom canopy for your team or organization. Click HERE to to request a free design mockup created specifically for you by our experienced design team.


10. Tailgating

Tailgating is an American tradition that many sports fans take very seriously. Support your favorite team be creating a custom canopy tent that may also promote your business. Family, friends, food, drink, and fun are all important parts of a successful tailgate party. Elevate your next tailgate party by bringing the event to the next level with a custom printed pop up canopy. Let your friends and family find you immediately, and stand out from the crowd with your creatively designed pop up canopy tent.

May it be for business or personal use pop up tents have a wide variety of uses and provide tremendous value for all. Shop the industries best, lowest cost, and best value custom pop tents up here: https://www.lookourway.com/custom-pop-up-tent-set...

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