Custom Window Shades or Custom Window Decals for Businesses: Which Do More for You?

Custom Window Shades or Custom Window Decals for Businesses: Which Do More for You?

Posted by Ray G. - Branding specialist/graphic designer at LookOurWay who has worked in multiple industries including printing, packaging & labeling and graphic design. He holds a BFA from Academy of Art University. on 21st Dec 2018

Custom window decals for business - Business signage for windows

One of your most valuable advertising assets may be right in front of you without even realizing its potential: the windows of your store or office. The wide area and visibility of your storefront windows make them the perfect medium to convey messaging. Whether on foot or on the road, custom window shades and custom window decals for business can make a big impact. Many business owners never think to take advantage of their windows or fail to utilize them to their full potential.

If you want to use your business' windows for advertising, you want to ensure that the business signage will be visible from a distance, especially by those driving past your storefront. To fully maximize the investment on advertising with your storefront window advertising, you have two options: custom window shades or custom window decals for businesses. While there are many similarities between the two of them, custom printed window shades have some significant advantages that advertising window decals do not.

Differences Between Shades and Decals for Business Use

You may have window shades of some type in your home, and you may have also stuck decorative decals on the windows of your house at one point or another. Therefore, you're probably already familiar with the basic concept behind each of these options. The difference between shades and decals you would use in your home and commercial decals and shades is the construction materials and the fact that they are printed with graphics advertising your business. Custom window advertising for businesses have custom printed designs on one side so that when you pull them down, people outside will be able to see your messaging and graphics through the window. Window decals also have advertising printed on them, but instead of hanging down behind your windows, decals stick directly to them.

Custom Window Shades vs. Window Decals for Business

Custom window shades and window decals function for your business in much the same way, by placing advertisements either just behind or directly on your windows so that passersby can see them. There are other ways in which they are similar as well:

  • Custom Production: Each features graphics that you choose or design, and each can be cut to fit the size and shape of any window or glass door in your building.
  • Transparency: Each can be approximately as transparent or opaque as you would like them to be. There are blackout shades and decals available that block out light completely; or, if you would like to let the natural light in and allow people to see out the windows, you can order decals or shades at varying levels of transparency.

Advantages of Custom Window Shades for Business

While, in many respects, commercial window shades and decals function in much the same way, there are certain advantages that custom window shades have over window decals.

1. Non-permanent Installation

Some business owners, particularly those who rent office space rather than owning commercial property, may have to abide by rules and regulations that prevent them from affixing covers to their windows, whether permanent or semi-permanent. Because custom shades do not adhere directly to the windows, they are not considered a permanent window fixture, so that you can take advantage of the advertising space provided by your front windows while still being compliant with the rules.

2. Re-usability

Because window shades easily roll up out of sight, you can use them whenever and however often you want to. Some window decals also claim to be reusable, but they tend to cost quite a bit more than decals that are not.

3. Changeability

Even if your window decals are reusable, it takes some effort on your part to change them out because they adhere directly to the window. You need to peel them off, stick the new ones down, and ensure that they are firmly affixed every time you want to change out your advertisements. It's much easier to swap out an old custom window shade for a new one.

4. No Mess

Sellers and manufacturers of window decals may claim that they do not leave a sticky residue behind. They might be telling the truth, but how will you know for sure until you try them on your windows? Since custom window shades do not come in direct contact with your windows, there is no chance of them leaving behind a sticky residue.

5. Ability To Roll Up and Down

Depending on the time of day and the time of year, you may want to have your shades down at some times to block out the rays of the sun and avoid excessive heat, which at other times, you may want to let the direct sunlight in. Custom shades roll up or down with a touch, so you can change their position several times a year or several times a day, according to your preference.

6. Versatility

Restaurants, car dealerships, retail stores…the types of businesses that could benefit from custom window shades are almost endless. Even if your storefront doesn't have large windows, custom shades can also hang on glass doors.