Feather Flags: Help Your Business Acquire New Customers

Feather Flags: Help Your Business Acquire New Customers

Posted by Ray G. - Branding specialist/graphic designer at LookOurWay who has worked in multiple industries including printing, packaging & labeling and graphic design. He holds a BFA from Academy of Art University. on 5th Sep 2018

Feather Flags Are An Effective Advertising Tool For Acquiring New Customers

Wondering what’s the most cost-effective way of advertising to those passing by and oncoming traffic when trying to acquire more customers? Easy...feather flags! What's a feather flag? It is an efficient and effective marketing tool designed to attract attention as traffic passes by your business. Advertising with custom feather flags allow a business to target specific customers through its clear promotional messaging and design.

This method might seem a bit old school, but don't underestimate their power because they still are highly effective in terms of marketing and are on par with "online advertising" methods. These advertising flags require way less maintenance and require a small budget to be successful. Here are some reasons why custom flags are useful for your business:

Great Marketing Tool

People will say that the use custom flags is an outdated advertising method but results show the complete opposite. It is true in today's world, advertising requires more "modernized" methods, but this doesn't mean that they are no longer useful. Now take this for a consideration... Hundreds to thousands of people walk, jog and drive by your retail business, it's impossible that not one of them will pass in front of your business without noticing your feather banner — not only do you have their attention but you also just introduced your business to them. Meaning they're aware what your business or service is and offers.

Drivers are sure to notice signs in their line of sight. Especially if you have an attractive design, there's no way your business will go unnoticed.

Easy to Set Up

Good advertising doesn't have to be flamboyant. While it is true that this is an effective way to get attract attention, imagine the amount it takes for you to set up a display, it simply defeats the purpose. Promotional flags can attract your customers with no effort while not being so absurd. It only takes minutes to set up a row of flags in front of your retail business; you just need to find a good location to have them advertise to oncoming traffic! You can truly setup this effective advertising tool with little effort with a ton of benefits to reap!

Cheap and Effective

A big concern for advertising is the time to get setup and the cost for maintenance. As you know, your business must have a budget in order for a marketing tool to continually operate. This is where a flutter flag stands above the rest. They are extremely cheap to replace and don't have any other costs associated with upkeep. They don't need electricity or an agency to see results, meaning once you buy them, that's really all you will spend for them. This allows your marketing budget to stretch and can be used in other channels!

You can set up rows of these flags around your retails business to clearly send the message to the customers. They come in various sizes which allows you to pick the best size that will be effective for you and your business. Sizes can range from 5’ and all the way to 15’ tall.

Year-round Service

Not only is a feather sign cost-effective but it can also work 24-hours a day all year round. This amazing marketing product never stops working from the moment you set them up, making them far more effective than typical advertising methods.

Cheap To Replace

If your swooper flag ends up tarnished, they’re really easy to replace. Unlike advertising methods that are very costly, these flags are fairly cheap and only require the flag needing to be replaced majority of the time. Order a new flag and you’re good to advertise again.


Isn’t it great having a marketing tool that you can typically take anywhere you go? Some businesses even higher a person to place their custom flags on their back as they walk through conventions and events for the sake of making their business stand out.This is quite effective when you’re going to advertise your business at an event or festival as they are very lightweight and easy to set up. Majority of businesses even offer carrying bags that can store your flag with the hardware for easy portability.

Customize Your Message

One of the best part about something that endorses your business is the ability to design them for calendar holidays to promote year-round sales. Marketing for the holidays (Christmas, New Year, Saint Patrick's, 4th of July, Labor Day, Black Friday, etc.) is one way of getting people's attention when they are likely to purchase since majority of the holidays I’ve listed previously are catered towards annual promotional sales for businesses. People are highly likely to purchase during these events. Advertising for a holiday works to your advantage, letting your customers know that you got exactly what they need. After all, we all know the holidays help generate last minute sales for all retail businesses.

Effective for Special Events

Majority of businesses attend special events like trade shows, festivals, county fairs, etc. Feather flag banners are exactly what you need for these type of events. Your business will be in front of many new possible customers and you don’t want them walking around your booth not knowing who you are and what you offer. Make sure to capitalize on your time and investment at these events by making sure you advertise to the surrounding foot traffic!