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Feather Flags: Helping Your Business Acquire New Customers And Generate More Revenue

Feather Flags: Helping Your Business Acquire New Customers And Generate More Revenue

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Wondering what’s the most cost-effective way advertising to passerby and oncoming traffic when trying to acquire new customers? Easy...feather flags! What's a feather flag you ask? It is an efficient and effective yet cheap marketing tool designed to attract attention as traffic passes your business. Advertising with custom feather flags allow you to introduce your business to your specific targeted customers through it’s bright color and clear messaging.

Of course, we know that this method is a bit old school. But don't underestimate the power of a custom feather flags because they still are extremely effective in terms of marketing and are on par with "Online Advertising." These require way less maintenance and a small budget to be successful. Here are some other reasons why custom feather flags are useful for your business:

1. Great Marketing Tool

People will say that feather flag is an obsolete advertising method, but results show the complete opposite. It is true, that in current times, advertising requires more "modernized" methods, but this doesn't mean that they are no longer useful. Now take this for a consideration... Hundreds to thousands of people walk, jog and drive by a retail business, It is almost impossible that no one will ever pass in front of your business without noticing your feather flag not only do you have their attention but you also just introduced your business to them. Meaning they're aware what your business is and does.

Drivers are sure to notice signs in their line of sight. Especially if you have an attractive custom feather flag, there's no way that they wouldn't notice your business.

2. Easy to Set Up

Good advertising doesn't have to be flamboyant. While it is true that this is an effective way to get attract attention, imagine the set up time you have to do, it simply defeats the purpose. custom feather flags can attract your customers with no effort while not being so absurd. In minutes you can set up a many of them in front of your retail business; just find a good location to set them up and voila! feather flags can truly be setup with little effort with a ton of benefits to reap!

3. Cheap and Effective

A big concern for advertising is maintenance and the cost for maintenance. Of course a business must have a budget in order for a marketing tool to continue operating. This is where a feather flag stands above the rest, They are really cheap to keep using and don't have any other costs associated with upkeep. They don't need electricity or an agency to see results, meaning that once you buy them that's about all you'll spend for them.

You can set up rows of custom feather flags around your retails business to clearly send the message to the customers. Decide which custom feather flag size proves most effective for you and your business, sizes range from 5’ to 15’ feather flags.

4. Year-round Service

Not only is a feather flag cost-effective but it can also work 24-hours a day all year round. These amazing tools never stop working from the moment you set them up, making them far more effective than typical advertising methods.

LookOurWay's offers the highest quality materials ensuring that the feather flag will last for a long time.

5. Easy to Repair

If your custom feather flag does end up breaking it’s not really hard to fix. Unlike some advertisement method they are fairly easy to repair when broken. Order a new flag and you’re good to advertise again. Imagine that if the motor of a flashy advertisement breaks you have to pay for these: Technician Fee and New Parts. From that alone you could have ordered a dozen of feather flags.

In terms of repair the worrying part is you’re wasting time repairing your advertisement time that could have attracted a lot of people. But never fear, A feather flag as we mentioned above is very cheap buying them in bulks is a great way to continually attract your customers while repairing one of them.

6. Portability

Isn’t it great having a marketing tool that you can typically take anywhere you go? Some even place this on their back as they walk through conventions and events for the sake of making their business stand out. Not to mention that you can stack them together as they take so little space.

This is quite effective when you’re going to advertise your business in any event or festival as they are really easy to bring along. You can even carry them by hand if you want to.

7. Customizable for your Taste

One of the best part about something that endorses your business is the ability to design them for calendar holidays to promote year-round sales. Going along with the holidays (Christmas, New Year, Saint Patrick's, 4th of July, Labor Day, Black Friday, etc.) is one way getting people's attention. People like it when your business knows what’s up, advertising a special holiday works to your advantage with letting your customers know that you got exactly what they need. After all, we all know the holiday sales help generate sales for all retail businesses.

The LookOurWay design team can express your imagination and project it into a feather flag to advertise any sale or messaging you want to advertise for your business.

8. Usable for Any Weather

Feather Flags are perfect for any weather, They're designed to stand in strong winds, rain or even snow. With its high quality material structure it's able to withstand winds without bending and still delivering the message to those who drive by. Even with the low visibility during rain the Custom feather flag is sure to stand out.

9. Effective for Special Events

Eventually your business will go to a special event like trade shows or festivals, a feather flag is exactly what you would need in these events wherein your business is introduced to a lot of new possible customers you can’t just let them walk around your booth not knowing who you are and what you do. Set up a feather flag with your company name and introduce your business to a lot of potential customers and investors and place yourself on top of the competition.

Make use of LookOurWay design team to create a feather flag that will stand above the rest during special events. Place your business as the center of attention

With all these usage of a single custom feather flag imagine how much better it is when you’re using dozens of them at different sizes. Purchase only the most durable and effective feather flag that will introduce your business to customers here: https://www.lookourway.com/feather-flags/custom/

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