Go Beast Mode with Inflatable Advertising

Posted by Teresa Haines on 3rd Sep 2014

There's nothing like driving down the street and being greeted by the sight of a 20 ft gorilla on a rooftop. No, you didn't just stumble on to the set of the next King Kong movie. You just happened to be accosted by the overwhelming visual of inflatable advertising. Vibrant, large and undeniably eye-catching, Look Our Way's giant inflatables, including our 20 foot giant gorilla in red, blue or black, are proven to draw attention to your business's sale, event or grand opening. Pump up the attraction to your event with advertising inflatables and air dancers whose unique movement draws the eye just where you want it most. 

inflatable advertising

Available as gorillas or hot air balloons our in-stock giant inflatable advertising products are easily installed and quickly inflate for quick use. But to make more of a lasting impression, use the design team at Look Our Way to create your own custom giant inflatable. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing the perfect promotional piece that helps brand your image, indelibly in the minds of your potential and future customers. These custom inflatables can be used to help build your brand, whether your business in new to the area or has been established for years. 

Trust the industry leaders in inflatable advertising for your giant inflatable and air dancer needs. Promoting your business has never been as fun or as head-turning as it is with Look Our Way.