How to Promote Your Business Locally

How to Promote Your Business Locally

Posted by LookOurWay on 7th Oct 2020

Marketing your business is the key to your continued success. Connecting with new people and making them aware of your products can boost your sales and help you expand your customer base. Here are five local business marketing strategies to try for your small business.

1. Start a Blog

Content marketing means providing people with content they will find useful, including blogs, and drawing them to your website. Blogs offer the chance to speak directly to your audience. You could outline a new product launching soon or explain the nitty-gritty details of a complex aspect of your business.

Blogs should be engaging and informative. They open a window to your business and help people feel connected to and invested in you. Plus, they can assist with search engine optimization (SEO), which helps people find your webpage when they search for the products you sell.

2. Sponsor a Contest

People love free stuff. When you give a product or service away, you can ask people to sign up for something, such as your email newsletter. In exchange, choose an item that costs in the midrange of your inventory. You want to entice the person into buying from you in the future with a quality offer.

3. Fill Out Your Online Profiles

Verifying your information on platforms such as Yelp and Google will help people get the right information about your business. Your profile will exist on these sites, whether you fill it out or not, so it's best to ensure all the details are correct since people will consult the sites. Plus, you can respond to customer concerns if you see any posted.

4. Offer Discounts

Discounts are different than sales. During a  sale, you discount most items you sell and try to move as much product as possible. With a discount, you reduce the price of one or two things through careful targeting and keep everything else full-priced.

People like discounts because they feel exclusive. A bargain can also prompt someone who had been on the fence to make a purchase.

5. Invest in Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is the most effective way to gain someone's attention. When you approach potential customers near the sales point, you have a greater chance of converting the sale. Plus, posting advertising outside your shop can attract people to your door.

Try these fun methods of reaching people nearby:

  • • Air Dancers® inflatable tube men: Nothing grabs a person's attention like a brightly colored big figure waving in the wind. You can choose from everything from a smaller 6-foot version to a larger 20-foot option. You can also customize the color of your inflatable tube man and add a logo.
  • • Reusable outdoor balloons: Adding a balloon with your logo outside your door or down the street will raise awareness of your business. You could also advertise for a specific purpose, such as promoting a sale with the balloons.
  • • Signs: Signs provide a way for you to convey details about your business so people can learn more before they enter your doors. You could add your hours of operation or a company slogan to a sign.
  • • Giant inflatables: If you put a giant blue ape on the corner of a busy cross street, people will look at him. And when they look, they will learn about your business. Attention-grabbing giant inflatables are a fun way to make people notice your shop and products, whether you pick a huge arch or football helmet.

Count on LookOurWay for Outdoor Advertising Solutions

By implementing these strategies, you can learn how to promote your small business locally and determine the techniques you like the best. Get in touch with LookOurWay to get started with outdoor advertising.