LookOurWay Now Offers Face Masks for Sale Online

LookOurWay Now Offers Face Masks for Sale Online

Posted by LookOurWay on 30th Apr 2020

Coronavirus concerns have prompted retailers and service industry workers to rethink face-to-face customer interaction. Following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a vital measure in reducing community spread is wearing a face mask.

At LookOurWay, we want to promote safety for all our employees and customers during this unprecedented time. We've refocused our strategy to offer wearable personal protective equipment, both single-use and multi-use. As the months ahead are still uncertain, we're here to help you provide safety equipment for your team members and staff. Our COVID-19 masks and other supplies are available to order through our online store, and we've stepped up production to accommodate bulk orders.

Use Face Masks to Protect the Health of Your Team Members

Face masks limit floating germs from escaping after a cough or sneeze and settling on surfaces or reaching another person. They add a layer of protection during your employees' day-to-day business duties where social distancing isn't always possible, such as guests passing by in the aisles or standing at the checkout.

Personal face masks have now become a necessity to keep your business operations running, while maintaining the safety of your employees and customers. Each product uses quality materials and elastic so personnel can feel comfortable wearing their gear. Help your team members feel safer on the job by providing face masks to every individual.

Our Face Protection Products for COVID-19

We have a wide variety of disposable and reusable face masks and face shields for sale, such as:

  • Disposable Face Masks: These basic face masks provide one-time protection and can be disposed after using.
  • KN95 Standard Duty Face Masks: KN95 masks are comparable to the N95 masks which have been deemed a "suitable equivalent", according to both 3M and the CDC.
  • Reusable Face Masks: We carry soft, breathable and washable face masks made of cotton.
  • Disposable Face Shields: A large plastic visor positioned over the entire face with an elastic band offers good visibility while preventing contaminants from getting into your eyes or mouth.

Custom Fabric Face Masks Available

LookOurWay provides full-color printed designs based on your preferences. Custom face masks for your business will give your team members a unified and recognizable appearance. You can also exercise some creative freedom — if there are small children at your office or store, a funny face or animal snout may be just the solution to keep them comfortable. Our dual-layer polyester masks are also machine washable under delicate settings.

Buy Face Masks Online From LookOurWay Today

LookOurWay is here to support businesses with face masks and other equipment to help employees and staff stay safe and healthy while working. We are striving to help you combat the spread of COVID-19 within your retail environment. In addition to face masks and face shields, we offer other supplies like hand sanitizer and social distancing floor decals.

Get in touch today to ask about our product availability and customization options.