New Custom Baseball Throw Tents Are Here

Posted by Tim Dean on 18th Jan 2018

LookOurWay’s new Baseball Throw Event Tents are here! These tents are an excellent way to boost foot traffic towards your booth at the next show. The baseball throw pop up tents offer a different experience from a standard tent you see at evert trade show. Get your potential customers having fun throwing baseballs while you bring in your next big purchase order. 

The custom baseball throw pop up tent is completely customizable and offers a full digital print. Any design you have in mind can be printed on this tent and LookOurWay will incorporate the baseball catcher for your clients to throw at. Want something other than a baseball catcher to throw at? Contact us today! We can print any design on all areas of this tent and back walls to make sure you get exactly what your business needs. 

This baseball event tent is available in both 5ft x 5ft and 10ft x 10ft options to better suit your business needs.  The LookOurWay's baseball throw pop up tent includes everything needed for setup including baseballs and net! The quick pin adjustment mechanism makes this tent easy to use and set up at your next event. Spend less time setting up your booth and more time making your next large order. The aluminum pop up tent frame offers a lighter weight, but still premium quality to ease lugging your gear around. 

The baseball pop up tent is the perfect icebreaker to bring people into your booth and start selling them your products. Let LookOurWay take care of attracting people while you focus on changing them into your next regular customer.