Outdoor Festival Booth Ideas

Outdoor Festival Booth Ideas

Posted by Ray G. on 30th Aug 2019

Creative Festival Booth Ideas

Outdoor festivals are prime opportunities to reach thousands of people and gain new customers if you are a business. But to get the most out of your investment into the event you need ways to make your festival is attractive and if you have a booth, that it stands out among all the other offerings and activities going on. Our favorite festival booth ideas are what you can use to advertise your festival or business and make your booth the favorite and most shared on social media.

Inflatable Tents

Mother nature is unpredictable and can be unforgiving, but an inflatable tent offers protection from the elements for festival goers. If you have your own booth, instead of having a regular pop up canopy, choose an  inflatable spider tent for a sturdy and fun-looking way set up your booth. These tents hardly take any time to inflate and deflate and are made of heavy-duty material. Although they are durable, they are also lightweight and can be effortlessly folded up. For added customization, you can have your business or festival colors, name or logo printed on the tent.

Retractable Banner Stands

Make a lasting statement at your next event with retractable banner stands. On each banner, you can fit plenty of information as well as an image or two. Use vivid colors and large, readable fonts and place your banner just outside your booth to catch passersby. They will immediately learn about your company, contact information, events and any other details you have on the banner and then come to your booth to talk to you and learn more. These banners are made of sturdy material that stays crisp and sophisticated, so no matter where you go or how many times you use the banner, it will always look professional.

Huge Inflatables

One of the most fun and unique ways to take your booth and the festival itself to a new level is with a enormous inflatable customized to the festival’s theme. You can have your business’s name, logo, and even a message printed onto the blowup character or object right next to your booth. Your business seen across the festival space. Once festival guests notice, they will want to flock to the spot, right where you are.

Just imagine:

Inflatable Costumes

A surefire approach to getting people to spot your booth is inflatable costumes. These whimsical costumes come in different colors and varieties, and certain ones can be fully customized. One size fits all, and the interior material is comfortable for whomever is wearing it. The design and material are made to allow the person inside plenty of room and mobility. No one will be able to resist your booth when they see an inflatable costume bouncing around.

Custom Flags

Make people stop and instantly notice your booth with custom flags. Large and bright flags flutter in the breeze and highlight a certain feature of your business that will entice onlookers. The most beloved and widely used type of banner flag is the feather flag, they are practically impossible to ignore! The stands, poles and spikes ensure that the flags remain secure on the grass or concrete, even in windy weather. You can select the size and colors that best fit your business. Both the set-up and take-down are quick and easy, and the flag itself is washable.

Custom Spin Prize Wheels

Add some entertainment to your outdoor festival booth with a prize wheel. Prize wheels are so much fun and barely take up any space, so you can easily have one on top of a table in your booth. You will certainly have a long line at your stand when people discover that they can win prizes. Plus, if you give away promotional products like shirts, tote bags or water bottles, word about your business will spread as people carry their prizes around the festival and others will actively seek out the goods.

High Visibility at Festivals

You do not have to worry about blending in or hosting a mediocre event with these promotional items. They are perfect for marketing and engaging potential visitors and customers, and each one is sure to make a positive and memorable impact.