Protect Your Customers and Employees With Social Distancing Floor Decals

Protect Your Customers and Employees With Social Distancing Floor Decals

Posted by Ray G. on 9th Apr 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has forced many retailers to reconfigure their layouts. Stores want to keep customers at least 6 feet apart, per social distancing recommendations laid out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Taking this action decreases the risk of person-to-person spread of the illness.

How can you get the message across to your customers to stay an optimal distance apart while shopping? Social distancing floor decals and other signs can assist you with this goal. Here are a few ways you can implement social distancing in your store.

Use Floor Decals at Checkout Lines

The checkout is the location where people are most likely to be exposed to another person. Under typical circumstances, several customers may be in line at the same time, putting their purchases on the belt. Under the new guidelines, you need to ensure only one person will unload their cart at a time, and others will stay back until that person has finished paying.

Installing social distancing floor decals lets people know where to stand while they wait. You can space them 6 feet apart, giving customers a safe place to stay with their carts until the cashier finishes ringing up the person ahead of them. At LookOurWay, we sell custom social distancing graphics, so you can have your company's name printed on them to give the graphics a more polished appearance.

Why should you consider using floor decals instead of tape? The benefits include:

  • Clearer messaging: When you use tape, it's not always evident to your customers what the tape means. Social distancing decals clearly explain their purpose with the message "Please wait here."
  • Professionalism: Tape can look messy and unprofessional. Investing in decals you can use over and over makes your store appear more organized.
  • Sturdiness: Tape can break and get dirty after just a few hours. Our durable decals don't. They hold up no matter how much foot traffic you get.
  • Dependability: You have to put up new tape every day, but our decals will stay in place for as long as you want. You have less hassle and less to worry about each morning when your store opens.

Mark the Beginning of Lines Clearly

You can combine social distancing decals with signage that informs customers about your updated checkout policies. It is important to communicate information that will keep them safe and informed. By doing this, you also protect your employees. When customers can read procedures on signs, they are less likely to stop an employee to ask them what the checkout protocol is.

The fewer direct interactions your employees have with customers, the safer they will be. Our customized signs can display any information you want about your new guidelines for standing in line. You may need several signs that announce the rules and others that point people to your floor decals so they stay in the right place.

Improve Customer Flow With Signage

Many stores have implemented procedures to get people moving in the same direction when they come to the store. You want to maximize the efficiency of their visit, so they don't have to stay long. People should pop in to get what they need and leave instead of lingering.

Adding signs to mark where people should go as they shop protects your customers and speeds up their shopping time. You can get customized hanging signs to direct them through the store.

Protect Cash Register Areas With Sneeze Guards

When customers pay for purchases, they have to be close to your cashiers. Protect your employees by erecting sneeze guards in the register areas. A sneeze guard limits direct interaction between customers and employees. It's not possible to put 6 feet between them at the register because of the way checkouts are set up.

A sneeze guard adds a barrier that will stop any airborne germs from floating, such as from sneezes or coughs. Your cashiers will appreciate the added layer of safety.

Order Social Distancing Floor Decals and Signage Today

The COVID-19 outbreak has required the institution of measures we could never have imagined just a few months ago. The faster you update your store to protect both your employees and your customers, the better. By adding social distancing floor decals to your store, you promote awareness of how important it is to stay 6 feet apart.

None of us know how long social distancing will continue, so it is best to be prepared for the long term. Purchase your customized social distancing floor decals today, and stay safe.