Types of Custom Table Covers to Promote Your Business or Event

Types of Custom Table Covers to Promote Your Business or Event

Posted by Ray G. on 23rd Apr 2019

Any time you represent your business at a trade show or other event, logo tablecloths are a subtle but elegant way to get your name out there to potential customers and help them to recognize and remember your brand. There are many types of custom table covers available, but one attribute that they all have in common is that your company name and/or logo can be printed directly on each in a vibrant digital format. Take a look at the following types of custom table covers and see which one best fits your needs.

Table Throws

Perhaps the most basic type of table cover with logo available is the throw. The throw style tablecloth visually resembles a tablecloth, which is a non-promotional type of table cover used in homes to protect a dining table from damage, as well as for decorative purposes. Though similar-looking in many respects, a table throw is made of much higher quality material to ensure many years of advertising and marketing use. While not fitted precisely to the table, throws have pleated corners to ensure a loose but well-fitted, professional look. Throws are popular because they are suited to any event, even casual ones, can be printed on all five surfaces (four sides plus the top), and can cover most trade show tables.

Fitted Table Covers

fitted table cover is similar to a throw, so much so that some people consider fitted table covers to be a sub-type of throws. However, while a throw has a loose fit to it, allowing the material to drape similarly to the way that a tablecloth does, a fitted table cover conforms more closely to the top of the table. The result is a boxy look with sharp angles and little to no excess draping, making these among the most popular types of custom table covers. At a trade show, these covers convey a clean, no-nonsense look to your potential customers.

The downside of a fitted table cover is that you have to fit exactly the right size cover to the table that you have. For this reason, they are available in one of three different lengths: 4 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet. With these three sizes, you should be prepared to cover any size table that you may encounter at a trade show.

Stretch Table Covers

The unique look and stylish fit of a stretch table cover has caused it to recently gain popularity. Where a fitted table cover conforms to the top of the table only, allowing the material along the sides to hang down perpendicular to the floor, a stretch table cover fits not only to the top of the table but to the legs as well, transforming the table into a sleek, slim, modern marvel by giving a smooth, concave curve to the space between the top of the table and the bottom of the legs.

Stretch models completely cover the top, front, and sides of the table, but the back is left open. This allows you easy access to any items that you may have stored underneath the table. Stretch table covers make a strong visual impact at the following types of professional events:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Conventions
  • Trade shows

These covers are made of materials noted for their elastic properties. Even so, it is not wise to try fit a stretch cover on a table that is too big for it. Like a fitted cover, stretch covers are available in a range of sizes ranging from 4 feet in length to 8 feet.

Logo Table Runners

Sometimes it is neither necessary nor desirable for your table cover with logo to extend over the entire surface. For example, you may be attending an event in which a plain table cover is provided to you at your booth. If you just want to display your business name and logo without worrying about coverage, a table runner is your best bet.

Like the other covers, table runners are customizable with digitally printed images. Unlike the other covers, however, they do not extend over the entire length of the table. They are narrower than a full cover and only drape over the front. Where other table covers are self-sufficient, table runners are meant to be used in combination with another cover.

A major advantage of table runners is that you can use them on tables of just about any size and shape because they aren't intended to cover the whole thing. They are easily interchangeable, available in a range of varying widths, and considerably less expensive than full covers.

Benefits of Table Covers

Logo table covers offer many benefits as you travel to different professional events. They are easy to pack up and carry around with you as you travel from place to place and allow you to set up for the event quickly. They are reusable and made from quality materials intended to last you years. You can customize it with your own design or choose from existing templates.