Weather-Resistant AirDancer Blowers are IP44 Rated

Posted by Ray G. - Branding specialist/graphic designer at LookOurWay who has worked in multiple industries including printing, packaging & labeling and graphic design. He holds a BFA from Academy of Art University. on 27th Jul 2014

Check out the Weather-Resistant AirDancer Blower!  The wait for a commercial-grade Air Dancer blower, that can be used in hot, cold, and rainy conditions, is finally over.  The first LookOurWay AirDancer blower designed with a fully enclosed internal motor is finally in-stock and available for sale.  This 12" Air Dancer Blower is IP-44 rated which means that it is built to withstand water sprayed from all directions.  After significant investment in research, design, testing, and tooling the loyal LookOurWay customer-base finally has access to a quality product that will meet their needs, all year around.

What is an IP Rating?

An IP rating (Ingress Protection Rating) is a commonly used set of international standards used to express the level of resistance a piece of electric equipment has to both dust and water.  The IP Rating is an encoding that factors in a range of standards for enclosures and electrical switchgear up to 1,000V AC and 1,200V DC. 

What Does The IP Rating Mean?

For outdoor electrical equipment like AirDancer blowers, the IP rating code consists of 2 numeric values (i.e. IP44) which expresses the level of protection the product has against solid debris and fluid.  Each digit signifies the level of protection against one outside factor.  The first digit is the score solid particles and the second digit is the score for water.  See the chart below to see the Air Dancer blower IP rating explanation.