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Why Custom Feather Flags Are Better Than Sign Spinners

Why Custom Feather Flags Are Better Than Sign Spinners

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business flags vs sign spinners

Why Custom Feather Flags Are Better Than Sign Spinners

If a cost effective and results producing tool could benefit your retail business, then keep reading. Our products are guaranteed reliable, incredibly portable, extremely low cost, and (most importantly) they’re a tried & true business tool for increasing the sales of retail businesses. These are LookOurWay Feather Flags. These products are rendering, more dated gorilla marketing tactics (like sign spinners), obsolete. Sign spinners, without a doubt, have the ability to get your businesses noticed, but at what cost and for what limited time frame? We’d like to take a moment to look at the differences between the two promotional advertising methods and then determine which method/tool is most effective and has the highest ROI.

Which Is Most Cost Effective.

Making money is the name of the game. The lower your businesses overall costs, the less revenue is needed to cover them. Simply put, the lower your costs, the faster you can begin making (the all-important) profit. 

We’re not saying there is no value in investment, but we are saying that in promotional marketing campaigns and advertising campaigns, people often lose sight of this basic principle and concept.

Feather Flags can be bought for a one-time cost for as low as $19.95. If this advertising product that costs $19.95, will bring in an additional $19.95 of profit to you business, than this tool has paid for itself, so any additional incremental profit the feather flag brings in is gravy. For a furniture store, a couch will have hundreds of dollars of profit. For a used car dealership, a car will have thousands of dollars of profit. For a restaurant, a bottle of wine will have around $20 of profit. For a mobile phone service provider, a new customer will bring hundreds of dollars of profit. 

All retail businesses are different, but what they all have in common is that they should all run promotional campaigns that maximize the difference between the costs associated with their campaigns and the return/profit brought to the business from these campaigns. Feather Flags are the perfect product to be the center of your promotional campaigns because the cost is low and the potential return is EXTREMELY high.

So to answer the question, “Which is more cost effective”, the answer is clear. The per day cost for using a Feather Flag can be as low as $0.20 a day ($19.95/90 days average useful lifespan). While the average cost for a sign spinner will range between $200-$300 per day. This shows that advertising your business with sign spinners will often cost you 1,000x more (per day) than advertising with a feather flag. Will a sign spinner bring in 1,000x more additional profit to your business than a feather flag? I think it would be extremely difficult to find a sane person that could logically argue this or anything CLOSE to this. 

marketing flags increase business sales

Which Is More Portable & Versatile.

The portability of an advertising tool can greatly assist in promoting your business or event wherever or whenever you want. 

You want a product that is easy to manage and handle. The “set it and forget it” characteristics of feather flags are huge benefit to the product. Simply setup the product, and then for months your potential customers will be invited into your business or event. These products only occupy a small space, yet are tall enough to be seen from a distance (even when being passed at high speeds). On the contrary, there are many locations and environments where sign spinners cannot operate. Weather, space limitations, time limitations, and availability are all factors that may reduce or kill the ability to sign spinners to operate.

business flags are easy to manage

Which Is More Reliable.

Investing in a reliable advertising tool can reduce downtime and improve ROI. A marketing tool is considered reliable when it performs consistently and is able to achieve it’s defined objectives. Feather Flags are extremely reliable because they do the job of consistently getting your business or event noticed by thousands of cars and people passing by daily. Doing so, they can give you the expected and positive results you want for your business.

In contrast, Sign Spinners are inconsistent. They can call in sick, show up late, and not do what they were told. In many unplanned situations, sign spinners will perform less effectively or not at all. Our more reliable products can be used again and again. Each time producing the same positive results, even when faced with unforeseen conditions or non-ideal environments.

marketing flags on the road

Which Has More Diverse Uses:

Being able to use a marketing product across multiple campaigns and for multiple uses is an extremely positive benefit. Our products, especially our custom feather flags, are versatile and have almost endless possibilities of productive uses. They can be used in many different events like grand openings, trade shows, parades, new product promotions, or company anniversaries.

On the other hand, Sign Spinners can also promote your business or event, but they can’t be packed up and used over and over again. You can’t pack a sign spinner in a suitcase and bring them to a trade show, and then use them again for a grand opening, and then again at a store to promote a new product launch. If you want to use a sign spinner for each of these 2 uses, you’re going to need to call the agency and hire them 3 separate times, for 3 separate costs, and 3 separate headaches.

business flags have diverse use

Which Can Attract Attention 24/7.

Just because your business is closed, doesn’t mean your advertising products should stop working for you. Your customers and future customers are always going by your retail business, 24 hours a day. Are you advertising to them 24 hours a day? If you’re not, you’re missing out on future customers and future sales. Ensure that your advertising and promotional campaigns are working for you, all-day every-day!

Feather flags will work for you 24/7. They will be working when you’re sleeping, on vacation, doing the bills, and opening up for the day. On the contrary, Sign spinners will only work when you pay them. They have strict operating hours and clear and defined time limits. 

business man happy with increasing sales

Business owners need to know how to promote and grow their businesses, without drowning in expenses. Feather flags are the clear choice for effectively and efficiently getting retail business noticed, which leads to more sales!

When you are ready to get your business and/or event noticed, complete our Free Custom Design form, and our creative design team will create a custom feather flag design to fit your specific business and campaign. We look forward to working together!

business flags and sign spinners comparison

Shop custom Feather Flags here: www.lookourway.com/custom-feather-flags/

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