Why Custom Feather Flags Are Better Than Sign Spinners

Why Custom Feather Flags Are Better Than Sign Spinners

Posted by Ray G. - Branding specialist/graphic designer at LookOurWay who has worked in multiple industries including printing, packaging & labeling and graphic design. He holds a BFA from Academy of Art University. on 27th Jul 2018

Feather Flags Are More Effective and Cost Efficient Than Sign Spinners

Feather Flags Are Better Than Sign Spinners

Sign spinners and  Feather Flags have always been in-demand for retail businesses. These two types of marketing might seem the same but they are definitely not. How many times have you drove or walk past a sign spinner only to pay attention to them twirling and doing tricks while spinning an  arrow spinner sign rather than the actual message of their sign? I’m guilty of it! This type of advertising might seem smart because it’s attention-grabbing and eye-catching although they spin the signs so fast, you can’t even read the message on their sign arrow. Let’s take a moment to look at the differences between these two promotional advertising methods and determine if custom flags or spinner signs are more effective and which has the better odds of a higher ROI.

Which Is Most Cost Effective?

Driving sales and increasing revenue is always the name of the game, right? As business owners, you must always lower your overall advertising costs while trying to generate sales to increase revenue.

Feather Flags can be purchased as a complete kit for as low as $35 dollars versus a sign spinner who gets an average pay of about $12.00 an hour to start (my friend used to be a manager of a sign spinning business). Did you do the math? Businesses on average are paying for sign spinners around $100 bucks per day which can add up real quick depending on how many days you’re using their service. Custom Feather Flags were made for the same purpose as a sign spinner. As mentioned above, a complete kit for in-stock advertising flags start at $70 and these flags can last up to 6 months to a year. Flags are not only more cost effective but you also get more bang for your buck. Advertising Flags are about 15 ft in height and allow your message to be seen on a much larger scale than a sign spinner’s traditional arrow sign which is only 4 ft wide. You’ll definitely want to have a bigger advertising billboard so your message can be seen from far distances which can be displayed from opposite sides of traffic.

Making money is the name of the game. Not only do Feather Banners lower your business’s overall costs but they also are much more effective when it comes to advertising compared to a sign spinner.

Which Is More Portable & Versatile?

Ease of portability can greatly assist in promoting your business or event, wherever and whenever you want.

You want a product that is easy to manage and handle. The “set it and forget it” characteristics of feather flags are a huge benefit from this product. Simply setup your flag, and let passerby traffic see your advertising message which is bound to bring potential customers. Another huge benefit from this product is it only occupies a small amount of space, yet is tall enough to be seen from a vast distance (even when being passed at high speeds). On the contrary, there are many locations and environments where sign spinners cannot operate. Weather, space limitations, time limitations, and availability are all factors that may reduce or kill the ability to sign spinners to operate.

Which Is More Reliable?

Investing in a reliable advertising tool can reduce downtime and improve ROI. A marketing tool is considered reliable when it performs consistently and is able to achieve its defined objectives. Flutter Flags are extremely reliable because they are consistently grabbing attention for your business or event. Noticed by thousands of cars and people passing by daily. Doing so, they can give you the expected and positive results you want for your business.

In contrast, Sign Spinners are inconsistent. They can call in sick, show up late, and not do what they were told. In many unplanned situations, sign spinners will perform less effectively or not at all. I’ve driven by sign spinners only to see them holding the sign or actually have the sign on the floor to be propped up by their legs. You don’t want to have to check on your sign spinner to see if they’re doing their job correctly, right? Advertising Flags are much more reliable when it comes to “set it and forget it” advertising.

Which Has More Diverse Uses?

Being able to use a marketing product across multiple campaigns for an array of uses is extremely positive. Our products, especially our custom feather flags, are versatile and have almost endless possibilities of productive uses. They can be used in many different events like grand openings, trade shows, parades, new product promotions, or company anniversaries.

On the other hand, Sign Spinners can also promote your business or event, but they can’t be packed up and used over and over again. You can’t pack a sign spinner in a suitcase and bring them to a trade show, and then use them for a grand opening, and then again at a store to promote a new product launch. If you want to use a sign spinner for each of these 2 uses, you’re going to need to call the agency and hire them 3 separate times, for 3 separate costs, and 3 separate headaches.

Which Can Attract The Most Attention?

Just because your business is closed, doesn’t mean your advertising products should stop working for you. Your future customers are always going to pass by your retail business, 24 hours a day. Are you advertising to them 24 hours a day? If not, you’re missing out on future customers and future sales. Ensure that your advertising and promotional campaigns are working for you, all-day every-day!

Feather flags will work for you 24/7. They will be working when you’re sleeping, on vacation, doing the bills, and opening up for the day. On the contrary, Sign spinners twirling  spinner signs will only work when you pay them. They have strict operating hours and clear and defined time limits.

Business owners need to know how to promote and grow their businesses, without drowning in expenses. Feather flags are the clear choice for effectively and efficiently getting retail business noticed, which leads to more sales!