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Wilson Volleyball Project

Wilson Volleyball Project

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Wilson volleyballs approached LookOurWay with a very unique and important project for the 2017 AVP Beach volleyball tournament. 

Wilson asked LookOurWay to create 9 unique 6ft inflatable volleyballs for the cities on the AVP tournament. An artist from each city created their own interpretation, landscape, or artwork of the city. LookOurWay was tasked to display this artwork on each inflatable volleyball. 

The artwork ranged from child drawings, highly detailed paintings, and digital renderings. Each unique in their own ways to represent their city. All were displayed on their own inflatable volleyball and showcased at the AVP championships in Chicago. 

The artwork was designed by panels and each panel was carefully crafted to fit together seamlessly. The panels had to incorporate flat artwork, while accounting for the round shape of the ball. Each volleyball was printed with high-quality graphics and put on display for the AVP tournament.

The tournament spanned over 4 months with LookOurWay receiving the artwork as each leg of the tournament took place. Once the artwork was received, LookOurWay quickly produced each inflatable volleyball. All the inflatable volleyballs were put on display at the final tournament in Chicago. Each ball signified a stop on the tournament where matches took place and the balls exemplified some unique qualities of that city. 

Chicago, Hermosa Beach, Seattle, San Francisco, and Austin were some of the cities where the AVP tournament took place. Here's a few of our favorites.

No project, shape, or structure is out of the question for LookOurWay. This is just one example of the endless products LookOurWay is capable of producing. Specialty products is our expertise, so let us take care of your promotional needs. Large projects, specialty products, and promotional events are LookOurWay’s expertise. Whether your project involves air dancersfeather flags, or giant inflatables, contact us today!

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