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    Create brand awareness for your next event with our Pop Up Tents. All of our tents are made with high quality materials to outshine the competition and leave a lasting impression!

  • Full Color Imprint

    Create brand awareness for your next event with our Pop Up Tents. All of our tents are made with high quality materials to outshine the competition and leave a lasting impression!

  • Fast Production

    Create brand awareness for your next event with our Pop Up Tents. All of our tents are made with high quality materials to outshine the competition and leave a lasting impression!

Free Canopy Tent Mockup Design & Quote

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CPAI-84 Certified

The fabrics used on LookOurWay® Canopy Tent products have been certified by the manufacturer as having been made of a flame resistant material. The fabric, 600D POLYESTER FABRIC, has been independently tested and shown to meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the following fire resistance standards:

  • • CPAI-84 Specification for Canopy Top, Back Wall, and Side Wall material
  • • California Code of Regulations, Title 19, Section 332, (a), (2).

Numerous Configuration Packages

By selecting one of the packages above, you’ll be able to start designing your canopy tent package with anything from just a custom printed canopy top to a fully decked out multi-wall enclosure complete with custom a printed table cover and two branded feather flags mounted to the tent frame.

UV Resistant Printing Process

Our pop up tent canopies and wall fabrics undergo a state of the art printing process that includes a PU coating which helps achieve maximum more vibrant and bolder colors, that last longer and fade slower than you might find on budget sites.

Hex Steel Frame

LookOurWay canopy tents use heavy duty steel hexagon shaped frame legs, in conjunction with steel and aluminum components in the upper reaches of the canopy. This combination makes for extreme durability, while not compromising entirely on weight. While our canopy tents are manageable enough for one person to assemble, we always recommend a team of two to make the job go faster so you can get straight to the important business of selling and promoting your awesome products and services.

The Best Canopy Tents

Our canopy tents are the best ez up style canopy tent. The commercial grade canopy tent and frames promote your business at events by standing out from the crowd. The pop-up top provides the advantage of being tall enough to be visible even in crowded areas. We have several tent package options available, ranging from the basic pop up to a more elaborate setup including a printed table cover, flags and walls. Our canopy tents are commercial grade and are made with high-quality UV, scratch, and water resistant material. They also come built to last with a heavy duty steel tent frame by default. We do offer aluminum canopy tent frame as a lighter weight alternative for brands looking for easy transport. The legs and canopy of our EZ up tents are both adjustable, so you can adjust to any space! Our tents come in a variety of sizes and we also offer pop up tent walls as an add on accessory. This allows you to bring even more presence to your brand and create a enclosed room anywhere.

We can create any logo or custom design you want onto your printed canopy tent. We offer free professional custom design services. You can work with our in-house designers and together you can create a printed pop up tent for your unique needs. Our customers include Fortune 500 multi-national companies, food trucks, farmer’s market sellers, cellular industry retailers, furniture retailers, mattress retailers, large event production companies, and more.

What are Canopy Tents Made Of? Are Canopy Tents Waterproof?

The tents are sturdy and durable, thanks to the waterproof PU coated 600d oxford material. Canopy tents are protected against damage from moisture and UV damage from the sun, making them perfect for light outdoor use. They are also resistant to fire, reducing potential damage in case of a fire. They can last at least one year in the sun before any fading occurs, but with less frequent sun exposure tents will remain vibrant for years to come. The tents are not machine washable, but spot cleaning with soap and water is effective, and the coated surface is easy to clean.

Canopy Tent Printing Process

The dye sublimation printing process we use gives tents the clean, high-quality look. The method uses heat transfer to create vibrant graphics, and a special laminate layer gives the finished product extra protection against damage from sun and moisture. Each logo tent benefits from this advanced printing technique.

Types of Canopy Tent Packages

A commercial canopy tent is an investment that clearly announces your presence at events. With proper care, it can last years. We offer basic, silver, gold and platinum tents, with prices starting at $459.

Basic - No frills pop-up tent with custom printed logo and design.

Silver - Pop-up tent with a custom printed back wall.

Gold - Pop-up tent with a custom printed back wall and one side wall.

Platinum - Pop-up tent with a custom printed back wall and 2 side walls, creating a room.

Event package has the same tier system, but each tier also includes a custom printed table cover.

Experience package also follows the tier system. It includes the canopy top and booth, adding on two flags, one on either side of the tent’s entrance. This package blows everyone else out of the water at events!

Canopy Tent Sizes

All canopy tents stand 11’ high, from the ground to the tip of the canopy top. We offer tents in a variety of sizes:

  • • 5x5’ /150x150cm
  • • 10x10’ / 300x300cm
  • • 10x15 / 300x445cm
  • • 10x20’ / 300x595cm

Free Custom Design Mockup

If you want to order one of our custom event tents but do not have a design prepared, try our free custom design service. Submitting your company’s logo, color scheme, font preference, text and as many details as possible will help us create a mockup that truly reflects your company. Our design team will work with the information you submit and put together a striking, professional graphic. If you submit during working hours, mockup designs will be sent back within an hour of submission. Requests submitted after hours will be sent the next business day.

Canopy Tent Setup

Pop up tents are designed for professional use at all your events and are easy to setup with no tools required. The pop-up system mechanics makes it quick and simple to set up your custom tent fast. The tents can withstand wind speeds up to class 5-6, for a range of 8-13 miles per hour. They can be anchored to the ground using a few different methods. Depending on the location and expected level of wind, options include weighing down with sandbags, staking to the ground and using a weight plate to hold the tent in place.

Delivery Times

Tents will be delivered promptly after orders are submitted. The average delivery time is two weeks from the date they are ordered. The express shipment option arrives one and a half weeks after orders are placed.

Tent Warranty

All canopy tents are covered by a 1-year limited warranty. It covers defective tents only, and does not cover misuse or damage. If a case is approved, we will issue a replacement tent.

Perfect for Outdoor Events

Using a promotional tent makes a huge difference for your company’s visibility at events like trade shows or festivals. Not only does a tent provide a large surface for your logo, but it attracts attention and can make people more receptive to promotional materials. It lends a slick, professional sensibility to a company. For extra protection against unpleasant weather like sun or rain, get a canopy tent with sides. Covered walls make your tent more hospitable to visitors and potential customers at outdoor events and conventions. This can be especially attractive during summer events, when attendees are seeking cover from harsh sun.