Frequently Asked Questions

Orders, Shipping & Billing

How do I check the status of my order?

Once your order ships, you'll receive a shipping notification from us via email. If you're having trouble tracking your order or have not received a tracking email notification, first, please check your spam or junk folder. Often times, tracking email notifications can be auto placed into spam folders. If you still do not have tracking information, please contact us by email at or give us a call (866) 586-3888. We will provide tracking information immediately.

We only ship on business days, so orders placed on Friday after 2:00pm Pacific time or over the weekend will ship out on Monday morning.

Shipping Times - How long does it take for my order to ship?

Orders for in stock products placed before 2:00pm Pacific time will ship out the same business day. All orders placed after 2:00pm Pacific time will be shipped the next business day.

Custom orders take about one week to produce after approval of your mock-up design.

Should you have a sooner or specific delivery date, please reach out to us directly so we can see if your deadline can be met.

Can I expedite my order?

Yes, If you're in the US or outside of the US, please give us a call so we can provide you an expedited shipping quote — (866) 586-3888.

Do we ship international?

Yes, for all orders shipping outside of the US, please contact us by email at or give us a call (866) 586-3888.

Why does my credit card statement show Torero Specialty Products, LLC?

All purchases made from will show up on credit card statements as "Torero Specialty Products LLC". If you are inquiring about a credit card charge from this merchant's name, please compare your emailed receipt for the order placed on to the charge on your credit card statement; they are the same.

Fraudulent Order Prevention & Order Screening Policy

LookOurWay has input several security parameters in place about any suspicious transactions that could potentially be fraudulent or placed using a stolen credit card. LookOurWay reserves the right to request additional verification to validate the authenticity of online orders. LookOurWay may ask for a current, government issued photo ID, before releasing the shipment of the order. We have this policy in place to ensure the ultimate security for our customers.

Payments, Returns & Warranty

What is our return policy?

All returns require a fully completed, submitted, and LookOurWay accepted "Return Request Form". All LookOurWay products are quality tested and inspected before delivery. Customers may return unopened and unused products within 7 days of product arrival date. Customer is responsible for shipping and a 15% inspection & restocking fee is charged.

LookOurWay guarantees the products we sell are free from any manufacturing defects. If the product breaks or fails due to a manufacturing defect, you agree to take a photograph of the defective product and may be subjected to return the failed or broken product back to us. Should any product be defective within it's limited warranty policy from the day it was received, LookOurWay will send a replacement to remedy the situation. LookOurWay reserves the final right to grant approval for any warranty or return request.

What forms of payment do we accept?

We accept all major credit card companies such as: American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

My product I received is damaged or defective, what do I do?

If your product is damaged or has a manufacturing defect upon receiving your order, please contact our customer service team (866) 586-3888 or email us at

What is the warranty policy for our products?

Please visit our warranty policy page here for warranty info regarding our products. If you still have any questions, please call (866) 586-3888 or email us at

Am I able to edit my order after it has already been submitted?

Yes, we are able to modify your order as long as it hasn't already shipped from our warehouse. We are also able to modify your custom order if you have not yet approved it for production. Please contact us immediately so we can make the correct adjustments to your order.

Call (866) 586-3888 or email us at


Do we provide exact Pantone or PMS color matches for our custom Air Dancers®, flags, canopy tents and other products?

Yes, we provide exact Pantone/PMS color matches for all of our customized products. For specific colors not listed on our website, please call (866) 586-3888 or email us at

Do we offer distributor or reseller wholesale accounts?

If you are interested in becoming a reseller or want to find out more information how to become a reseller. Please contact us at or give us a call (866) 586-3888.

Do we offer rentals for our Air Dancers® or other advertising products?

No, our products are for purchase only. Pricing for our inflatable tube men and other advertising products are discounted off retail pricing. It would be more beneifical to purchase our products rather than rent them. Often times, renting them cost the same as purchasing the product itself.

Air Dancers® Questions

What materials do we use for our Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men?

LookOurWay brand Air Dancers® are constructed with high strength polyamide nylon silk with added tarpaulin. The added tarpaulin brings added flex properties that ensure a longer lasting and more flexible rip-proof product. The special formula of air dancer material used by LookOurWay brand inflatables has been formulated by over 5 years of experimentation and constant improvement to our existing material. We publish the material make-up of our air dancers without fear of imposters, because we know it's just too expensive for others to use. The material has been specially formulated for LookOurWay and no other company can create this high quality material at a cost effective rate. LookOurWay air dancers are simply the best value, best style, and best performance.

What is the life expectancy for our inflatable tube men?

Our Air Dancers® are all made out with high strength polyamide nylon silk with added tarpaulin. The lifetime depends on environment and weather conditions, so you can expect the highest quality and lifetime from our Air Dancers.Our inflatable tube men are all made out with high strength polyamide nylon silk with added tarpaulin. The lifetime depends on environment and weather conditions, so you can expect the highest quality and lifetime from our tube men.

 Can you make a custom air dancer to an exact pantone or PMS color?

Yes, for all colors not listed on our website please contact (866)586-3888 us for a quote.

 Can I clean or wash my Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man?

Yes, you can wash your Air Dancers® brand tube man using cold water and only in a front loading washing machine. Top loading washing machines will harm the material, as it can potentially get tangled in the agitator of these models, so we do not recommend their use.  Use a very small amount of mild (non-bleach) detergent to avoid any discoloration or fading.  You can also handwash your tube man in mild soap and water.  Do not machine dry, hang dry only.

 What is the warranty on my Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man?

All Air Dancers® brand attachments include a 90 day warranty against manufacturing defects. All Air Dancers® inflatable tube men motors include a one year warranty. Non weather-resistant motor models are not covered under warranty if damage occurs due to water damage. Click to view full warranty info

Air Dancers® LED light kit for blower instructions:

Installation Instructions:

The LED Light kit attaches to the top grating of the blower. The appropriate hardware for attachment is provided in the packaging.

Inside your light kit box should be 2 clamps (7/16 in. to 29/32 in.) These clamps can be adjusted with a regular flathead screwdriver. Unscrew the clamp, once the clamp is open insert one end of the clamp through the grill of your blower. Once you have inserted one end through the grill of the blower, press together until the band and clamp screw meet, then slip one end into the open slit of the clamp. After both ends meet and you have inserted the opposite end into the receiving end of the clamp, screw clamp until your light is fastened securely and pointing upright relative to the grate of your blower. Attach the Air Dancers® inflatable tube man attachment to the blower, making sure the power cord of the LED light goes through the hook and loop cuff. Plug in blower, turn on, then plug in light. Your inflated and dancing tube guy is now illuminated.

Be sure to first unplug the light before turning off the blower. Remove the deflated attachmnet immediately after use to avoid contact with light.

Fan blade replacement instructions:

Below are fan blade assembly instructions, you can also click here for an instruction sheet that includes photos.

A) Make sure you have the necessary parts

  • 1 Male circular plastic cup.
  • 1 Female circular plastic cup.
  • 3 fan blades
  • 3 long Bolts
  • 3 short Bolts
  • 6 nuts
  • 6 washers.

B) Snap into place 3 fan blades spread out equally around the Male circular cup. Then place the Female circular cup on top. Note: Make sure to view old blade to make sure the fan blades are pointed in the correct direction.

C) Insert Black center piece through the outside of the Female circular cup.

D) Insert Long bolts through the holes located on the outside of the Male circular cup.

E) Insert Short bolts through the holes located on the outside of the Female circular cup.

F) Place washers on the end of the bolts.

G) Place nuts on the end of the bolts.

H) Tighten nuts.

I) View the instructions attached for the installation onto the blower.

Blower switch replacement instructions:

How do I order a Custom Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man?

First search our custom models here. When you find the size and type you're looking for, the listing will give you the option to upload your own logo or design and design advice to give our art team direction in their designing of your custom tube guy. Or, if you prefer, you can download the art template yourself, layout your own design, and re-upload it before checking out. Either way, our talented design team will get you a mockup for approval within the hour (during normal business hours).

We can create any custom Air Dancers® inflatable tube man, and put any custom lettering and any logo onto it. If you don't find what you're looking for, give us a call at (866) 586-3888.

I ordered a custom Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man set and only received the blower, but not the custom attachment yet...

To expedite the process of receiving your custom Air Dancers® inflatable tube man and blower, we ship the blower out via UPS Ground as soon as we received your order. The blower box weights 42 pounds and it rarely makes sense to pay the extra money to ship it any faster. Because the custom tube man attachment package by itself is so small, we are able to express ship it to you upon completion, allowing us to deliver our custom orders in less than two weeks. Don't be alarmed when your custom Air Dancers® inflatable tube man is not in the blower box, it will be there shortly. Thank you for shopping with LookOurWay®! We really appreciate your business and look forward to helping you generate attention.

How do you most effectively use an Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man?

To utilize your Air Dancers® brand inflatable tube man advertising product to it's fullest potential, we recommend finding a safe, open, and accessible area to setup the advertising inflatable. To continually re-attract new customers, we recommend that the tube guy is moved to different locations regularly. In addition, it is extremely effective to keep on-hand, several other attachments of different color or message, and to constantly rotate them into use. This will allow your message to always be fresh and everyone passing by will have something new and different to be attracted to. Lastly, having an old or dirty inflatable tube man displayed in front of a retail location does not give the best impression of the business. We recommend displaying only clean and fresh looking Air Dancers® inflatable tube man attachments, and to continually re-order to ensure you have the cleanest, best looking outdoor advertising products on display in front of your retail location.

Blower Specifications & Questions

What size blower will fit my Air Dancers® inflatable tube man?

9” diameter blower fits a 6FT Air Dancers® attachments
12” diameter blower fits a 10FT Air Dancers® attachments
18” diameter blower fits a 20FT Air Dancers® attachments

Is there a weather-resistant Air Dancers® blower available?

Yes, LookOurWay® has specially designed the all-new 12" diameter & 18" diameter Air Dancers® blower models, with all the electrical components fully enclosed and sealed. In addition, these weather-resistant blowers use only aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel fixtures and hardware to avoid any rust or corrosion from exposure to moisture. These new weather resistant blowers are ideal for farm use, nighttime use, winter use, and use in humid environments. Click the links below to the specific product pages. In addition, watch the weather-resistant blower video to see a summary of the new products.

  • 12" Diameter Weather-Proof Air Dancers® Blower - Click To View
  • 18" Diameter Weather-Proof Air Dancers® Blower - Click To View 

Are replacement fan blades available?

Yes, we actually carry this replacement part in stock. They can be found on our blowers and fans page HERE. Our replacement fan blades only fit LookOurWay® brand blowers. Our fan blades will not work on other brand's blowers. See above for installation information.

What is the warranty for our Air Dancers® blowers?

Our blowers have a 1-year limited warranty (starting from the date of purchase). Warranty only covers product defects and LookOurWay® reserves the final right to grant warranty approval. The user is responsible for all warranty return shipping. Cases will not be approved for misuse, neglect, water damage or user error. Approved warranty claims will be issued a replacement unit. If you have an issue with your blower, please file a warranty claim here.

What are the electrical specs of my AirDancer® blower

 Is it possible to run my blower off of a generator?

Yes, absolutely. If you are to far away from a standard outlet, you can use a generator to power your AirDancer. Both gas or propane generators can be used. The 18in blower draws 7.5 amps, the 12in diameter blower draws 5.8 amps and our 9" diameter blower draws 1.6 amps.

 Can I use my inflatable tube man in the rain or snow?

Only certain models of LookOurWay® blowers can be used in the rain. BE CAREFUL, and ensure you're using the Weather-Resistant Blower models, before use in the rain or times of moisture.  If you plan to have your AirDancer out in the rain, we recommend the LookOurWay Weather-Resistant Blower. The commercial grade motor is rated IP44, which means the unit can handle water splashing from all angles (view blog post about this product). Check out this video to see the LookOurWay water resistant blower in the most extreme conditions - CLICK TO VIEW.

Flag & Feather Flag Questions

How do I assemble my feather flag with pole set hardware?

5ft Feather Flag Assembly Instructions - Click to view
12ft Feather Flag Assembly Instructions - Click to view

Inside the box you will receive 3 straight poles of different widths, an arched pole (arch pole can come in 2 pieces), and either a ground spike or X stand.

The easy way to assemble the feather flag pole set is to know the straight poles get progressively more narrow the higher up they get. Start with the the straight pole that has the largest width and place this at the bottom. Then assemble the next widest by connecting it to the base, and finally the most narrow pole will be at the very top.

Take the side of the flag that contains the sleeve that runs down the entire side. Slide this into the very top and thread it all the way down to the bottom. Once you have the 4 piece pole and flag connected, insert this completed piece into either the ground spike or X stand and you're ready to go. Watch the customers roll in!

What size feather flags do we offer?

We offer a mulitude of sizes starting from 5ft, 7ft, 10ft, 12ft and 15ft!

What are the specs of the different size Feather Flags?

We offer a variety of sizes. Our in-stock, pre-designed flags come in our small 5 ft size and our large 12 ft size. The large model flag is 12 ft tall x 2.5 ft wide and when mounted on a pole, reaches 15 ft tall. The small model flag is 5 ft tall x 1.5 ft wide and when mounted on a pole reaches 7 ft in height.

What material do we use for our feather flags?

All our flags are made with durable, knitted polyester. Our predesigned options are available in 115g polyester and custom flags are available in 100g material. This material is UV-resistant and rated for wind speeds up to 25 mph. The material is also weather-resistant, but we recommend not displaying our flags outdoors on rainy or snowy days to extend their lifespan.

Our feather flag products meet B1, M2, BS 5852, NFPA 701 and FZ/T 62011 fire resistance standards. You can count on all LookOurWay products to be durable and remain effective throughout their lifespans.

What is the difference between the ground-spike and x-stand pole set?

The X-Stand Poleset is used for areas with hard solid flat surfaces, while our ground-spike poleset can be put in soil (the ground).

What is the water bag used for?

The water bag is used to secure flags with the cross base or x-stand poleset. This is reccommended for customers where wind may be an issue.

Canopy Tent Questions

What sizes do we offer for custom canopy tents?

Our canopy tents stand 11' high, which is from the ground to the top of the canopy peak. We offer custom canopy tents in multiple sizes: 5x5’ /150x150cm, 10x10’ / 300x300cm, 10x15 / 300x445cm and 10x20’ / 300x595cm.

What material do use for our canopy tents?

Our tents are made using high quality waterproof PU coated 600d oxford material. All of our custom canopy tents protect against UV and moisture which makes them perfect for outdoor events.

What is the printing process for our custom canopy tents?

We use a dye sublimation process which gives the tent a clean and high-quality print look. This method is used with heat transfer creating vibrant colors and a special laminate layer providing additional production against UV and moisture. This printing method ensures a high-qualty look and offering durability to endure normal outdoor weather conditions.

What material are your tent frames and are they durable?

Our tent frames are made of high grade commercial steel and aluminum which feature nylon connectors with steel grommets. The outer legs of the tent measure 40 mm and the inner legs measure 35 mm in diameter.

What are the weights and measurements for your tent frames?

5x5 - Steel frame weighs 37 lbs versus aluminum weighing only 30 lbs
10x10 - Steel frame weighs 55 lbs versus aluminum weighing only 37 lbs
10x15 - Steel frame weighs 70 lbs versus aluminum weighing only 50 lbs
10x20 - Steel frame weighs 97 lbs versus aluminum weighing only 68.

How do I design my custom canopy tent?

If you're looking to purchase one of our event custom canopy tents but do not have a design, we will design the tent for you at no cost. We only require that you submit your company's logo, tent color scheme and messaging providing us as much details as possible. Our design team will work with the information provided and put together a professional mock up design for your review. All custom tent designs will be emailed within an hour of submitting your request during normal business hours. Design requests submitted after normal working hours will be emailed to you the next business day.

Please fill out our Free Design Request Form to receive a free mockup design.

How do I setup my canopy tent?

Our canopy tents are specifically designed for professional use in mind for all your events. The tents are easy to setup and do not require any tools. The frame using pop-up mechanics which makes it very quick and simple to have your tent setup in minutes. Our tents can withstand winds up to class 5-6 which range from 8 to 13 miles per hour. The frames can be anchored to the ground using ground-spikes for additional security.

Read our for Canopy Tent Frame Instructions document for specific step by step instructions.

How soon can I receive my custom canopy tent?

Custom tents will be promptly produced upon approval of the design by the customer. Our average delivery time is two weeks from the date the design is approved. Please contact us if you need this sooner than two weeks for expedited production options.

How do I setup my canopy tent?

Our canopy tents are specifically designed for professional use in mind for all your events. The tents are easy to setup and do not require any tools. The frame using pop-up mechanics which makes it very quick and simple to have your tent setup in minutes. Our tents can withstand winds up to class 5-6 which range from 8 to 13 miles per hour. The frames can be anchored to the ground using ground-spikes for additional security.

Read our for Canopy Tent Frame Instructions document for specific step by step instructions.

Do you offer a warranty for your tents?

All canopy tents are backed by our 1-year manufacturer's defect warranty. It covers any workmanship defect but does not cover neglience of misuse or damage.