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Need a custom feather flag for your business or next event? Our custom feather banners come in multiple sizes, starting from 5ft to a towering 16ft tall option. We offer full digital printing which allows for any type of color(s) and artwork to be displayed on your flag. All custom flag orders include FREE artwork with an unlimited amount of revisions.

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12ft Feather Flags

Looking to attract attention and get your business or event noticed? Our huge selection of in stock 12ft Feather Flag designs are an incredibly cost effective marketing tool which will generate attention and bring more visibility, maximizing your advertising dollars.

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5ft feather flags

Shop our full collection of indoor & outdoor advertising 5ft Feather Flags. Our 5ft Feather Banners are perfect for retail storefronts, strip malls, and parking lot advertising where space may be limited.

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Feather Flag Guide


feather-flag-banner-guidePromoting a business is at the top of the mind of any business owner looking to grow their business. To bring in new customers and raise your standing in the eyes of old ones, custom feather flags should be one of your go-to choices.

Flags have been used for thousands of years on battlefields and draped off the top of castles to highlight the greatness of a kingdom or regal individual. As the years progressed, the materials became more available to the common person, and, now, flags are regularly used by businesses to attract attention.

What Are Feather Flags?

Most say that feather flags started becoming popular in the 1960s and have since grown into a mainstay of business signage that can be used outdoors or indoors. They are a tall, colorful banner often shaped liked a feather, mounted vertically on a pole. Chances are you have seen these in front of all sorts of businesses, catching the attention of passers-by and sharing key promotional information. This type of sign is simple, easy to set up and offers an impressive return on investment.

Types of Flags

Since flags have exploded in popularity throughout the years, they have also gone through a variety of innovations. Due to this innovation, advertising companies now offer a variety of flags that individuals and businesses can use to highlight their brand, promotion, sale or event's appearance. Some of the primary options for custom flags include:

  • • Rectangle flag banners: Rectangle banner flags are some of the best types of flags available to companies that want to have plenty of space for messages. The rectangular design featured on these flags gives them a professional and clean look. They are quite popular among companies that want to display their logo or sales message prominently.
  • • Pennant string flags: These mini flags can be strung across entrances or from one pole to another. They provide extra flair to any event or business location. Pennant string flags are especially effective when promoting a sale or special event. These flags can be customized to your logo, color scheme and message.
  • • Teardrop banner flags: Teardrop flags are designed to resemble teardrops. They are usually held up with a flexible pole set. Due to their design, these banners are bound to catch people's attention and get them more interested in what a company has to offer.

Other than the flag types listed above, companies regularly utilize feather flags to advertise, decorate and brand outdoor spaces. Even if you don't know what a feather flag is, it's likely that you've seen many of them over the years without knowing what to call them.



How to Use Feather Flags

They are a great way to catch attention in an otherwise mundane field of view. Anytime you want to attract attention on-site to your storefront, a feather flag will do the job. These products are popular with many types of businesses. We provide them to many cellular stores, auto-dealers, gas stations, tax service locations, car washes, and restaurants. Everyone can benefit from a towering banner for their store. They work great in strip malls, at trade shows, or any event. Consider the following ways feather flags are most commonly used:

1. Outdoor Advertising and Promotion

When you're looking to promote a specific product or grand opening, promotional feather flags are perfect. One popular banner type features a message about a sale along with the logo of the company to let those passing by know where the sale is occurring. The promise of saving money on their favorite products will often bring a steady stream of customers into your store.

If you don't sell a product, but do offer some type of service, you can advertise it on a flag. For example, spas will often advertise that they offer massages, occasionally even placing specialty prices on them to further entice clients. Promotional feather flags are especially popular amongst car washes, restaurants and barbershops.


2. Outdoor Decoration

Other than selling products or services, flags are perfect for outdoor decorations. When a car lot wants to make their cars more appealing and get people to check out what they have to offer, they make sure the lot looks inviting is crucial to success. Flags placed throughout the lot can make it more inviting for people and convince them to spend some time browsing your offerings.

Additionally, outdoor decorations also improve your trustworthiness to customers and clients. With high-quality feather flags, your company sells itself as a professional organization that knows how to present itself to the public. Making a positive first impression is crucial to any relationship, and your feather flags will often be in the role of making that first impression. If your feather flags are designed in a way that's visually appealing and fits the overall space, you'll begin your relationship right with consumers.

3. Brand Awareness

No matter your business, making sure that people know about your company and what you do is crucial to your success. A company's brand is everything to bringing in new customers or clients. If consumers don't know who your company is, it's not likely that they'll ever think to stop by and take advantage of all that you have to offer. Feather flags help to spread awareness and ensure that people are familiar with your brand.

Since feather flags are used outside, they generate a great deal of exposure to those completely unfamiliar with the companies that the flags represent. The flags are especially effective in areas where there is a great deal of foot traffic or cars passing by. A real estate business, for instance, can outfit a flag with custom imagery and logos that stand out to possible clients. As people become more aware of your company name and logo on flags, they'll be more likely to connect with your business.

Where to Use Feather Flags?

Where-to-display-feather-flagsFeather flags are regularly used outdoors, but they can be used indoors as well. To give you an idea of where you can place flag pole stands and your business flags, consider some of the areas where feather flags are most effective:

  • Events: Whenever an event needs more personality and decoration, feather flags are a great addition. They can complement the overall theme of the event and make it more attractive to attendees.
  • Trade shows: Companies need to stand out at a trade show, and feather flags let them do just that. The flags can be attached to canopy tents to stick out above competitors or stand on their own near a booth's entrance.
  • Sidewalks: If there's a walkway heading to an important location outdoors or at a special event, feather flags can sit along either side of the sidewalk to make it more visually appealing.
  • The exterior of offices or stores: Whether you want to advertise your latest sale or decorate the space to increase your building's visual appeal, you'll want to turn to feather flags.


Design Options

Choose from a selection of pre-designed flags that are ready to ship to you today or create your own custom feather flag with your logo or artwork. Our in-stock options feature many of the most popular designs for getting attention for your business. Want to tell people you're ready for them to come in? Use a pre-printed open feather flag. Want to advertise your donut shop, yoga studio, or vape shop? We have you covered!

When you design a custom flag, you can either use one of our existing banners with your customized text and/or logo, work with our design team for free, or you can send us your complete design for a totally custom look. This is a great way to enhance the brand value of your flags and banners.


 Available Sizes

We offer a variety of sizes. Our in-stock, pre-designed flags come in our small 5 ft size and our large 12 ft size. The large model flag is 12 ft tall x 2.5 ft wide and when mounted on a pole, reaches 15 ft tall. The small model flag is 5 ft tall x 1.5 ft wide and when mounted on a pole reaches 7 ft in height.

If you order a custom sign, we also offer 7 ft, 10 ft and 16 ft feather flag options. The stands for these are 9 ft, 12 ft and 17 ft respectively. Additionally, we offer 7 ft, 9 ft and 12 ft teardrop flags. These use 8 ft, 10 ft and 14 ft poles respectively.

Finally, we also offer custom rectangular banners in 6 ft, 8 ft, or 10 ft options.



Custom Feather Flags: Double-Sided vs. Single-Sided



As you select the type of feather flag you're going to use, you'll need to figure out if you want a flag that's single- or double-sided. A single-sided feather flag will be designed so only one side is fully readable. The front of these flags will feature graphics and text that are easy to read, while the backside will feature a reflection of the front, which makes the text look reversed, as well as dulling out the colors.




In contrast, a double-sided feather flag is designed so that the texts and graphics look great regardless of what side someone is viewing. These flag banners will be slightly thicker, as two custom feather banners will need to be attached to each other. With these custom feather banners, both sides of your feather flag will be readable.

A single-sided banner is often used on one-way streets or areas where people will only ever see the flag's front. Double-sided banners are a good go-to for situations where people will be looking at both sides of the feather flag, especially if there's a great deal of traffic coming from each direction.


Feather Flag Hardware and Accessories

We offer hardware for displaying feather flags both indoors and outdoors. Our feather flags and feather banners can be set up using an x-stand, ground spike or even a portable backpack. The x-stand is ideal for indoor use or on hard ground outdoors such as on pavement. Our stand is very stable and can work well outdoors, we do however advise our clients to be cautious of windy days.

The ground spike option is intended for outdoor use by sticking the pike into the ground. This option is perfect for our large, outdoor feather flags. Feather flags poles using ground spikes stay stable even in the wind.

Finally, we offer a backpack kit for our smaller feather flag options. It is fantastic for use during events such as trade shows or outdoor events. It offers dynamic, moving visibility that brings your message anywhere the action is.

Feather Flag Materials

All our high quality flags are made with durable, knitted polyester. Our predesigned options are available in 115g polyester and custom flags are available in 100g material. This material is designed specifically for the outdoors, is UV-resistant and rated for wind speeds up to 25 mph. The material is also weather-resistant, but we recommend not displaying our flags outdoors on rainy or snowy days to extend their lifespan.

Polyester is so popular because it offers superior protection for your flags. Polyester is well-known for the wind-resistant properties that make it perfect for the outdoors, especially in regularly windy areas. The material also is conducive to a variety of graphics and shapes, meaning that a company can place several kinds of custom messages and logos onto the feather flags. The material's conduciveness to customization and durability makes it an ideal material for companies to use whenever they need outdoor advertisements.

Our feather flag products meet B1, M2, BS 5852, NFPA 701 and FZ/T 62011 fire resistance standards. You can count on all LookOurWay products to be durable and remain effective throughout their lifespans.

Feather Flag Care

Our feather flag and banner products are easily washable. They can usually be cleaned with just water, but you can use a mild detergent if necessary. After washing, allow the flag to drip dry thoroughly. Do not machine-dry your feather flag.

What You Need to Set Up Your Feather Flag

Whenever you buy feather flags, the company providing it for you should include what you need to set it up. For example, they'll need to include the pieces of the pole and the flag itself.

If you plan to place the flag outdoors, you'll need a ground spike attached to your pole. For indoor flags, you should be provided legs for an X stand and the parts to put the stand together, such as an appropriate number of bolts and washers, along with a dowel.

Other than making sure the company provides you with all of the feather flags needed parts, you should also have a rubber mallet on hand to hammer the spike into the ground. Additionally, you'll need gloves and protective eyewear for safety.

How to Set Up Your Feather Flag?

While most feather flags are fairly similar in their set up process, there are some differences. Make sure you follow any of the directions you receive from the flag distributor. For example, at LookOurWay, we offer specific 5ft Pole Setup Instructions as well as 12ft Pole Setup Instructions to account for small differences. Following these instructions will ensure that your set up goes smoothly.


Step 1: Check to make sure all parts are included. Insert one of the curved arc piece into the other until the button snaps into place. Then, slide the full arc piece into the smallest straight tube piece. Continue to insert the smaller tube into the larger tube until the arc piece and all three straight tube pieces have been connected together.

Step 2: Slide the end of the pole arc into the sleeve of the feather flag. Slide the feather flag down until the pole arc has reached the end of the sleeve.

Step 3: Gently and slowly slide the bottom of the flag seam through your assembled poles

Step 4: Pull the flag all the way down to the bottom of the last pole so the flag is taut.

Feather Flag Pole Set Up Instructions

"Look Our Way" for Your Feather Flag Needs

When you're looking to add custom feather flags to the outside of your company or at an event, you should start with LookOurWay. By working with us, you'll receive only the highest-quality flag options on the market. We also offer you the ability to create your own flag so that you have something that fits the needs of your company exactly.

View our collection of feather flags to find the one that works perfectly for you. You can even submit a free design request to have a mockup design made for a feather flag and sent to you within one hour.


Speak with one of our experts.