Custom Feather Flags

Need a custom feather flag for your business or next event? Our custom feather banners come in multiple sizes, starting from 5ft to a towering 16ft tall option. We offer full digital printing which allows for any type of color(s) and artwork to be displayed on your flag. All custom flag orders include FREE artwork with an unlimited amount of revisions.

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12ft Feather Flags

Looking to attract attention and get your business or event noticed? Our huge selection of in stock 12ft Feather Flag designs are an incredibly cost effective marketing tool which will generate attention and bring more visibility, maximizing your advertising dollars.

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5ft feather flags

Shop our full collection of indoor & outdoor advertising 5ft Feather Flags. Our 5ft Feather Banners are perfect for retail storefronts, strip malls, and parking lot advertising where space may be limited.

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What Are Feather Flags?

A feather flag is a type of business signage that can be used outdoors or indoors. They are a tall, colorful banner mounted vertically on a pole. Chances are you have seen these in front of all sorts of businesses, catching the attention of passers-by and sharing key promotional information. This type of sign is simple, easy to set up and offers an impressive return on investment.

What Are Feather Flags Used For?

Businesses use feather banners and teardrop flags for a variety of purposes. They are a great way to catch attention in an otherwise mundane field of view. They can be used to advertise a sale, mark the entrance to your location or simply draw in an audience. Anytime you want to attract attention on-site to your storefront, a feather flag will do the job.

These products are popular with many types of businesses. We provide them to many cellular stores, auto-dealers, gas stations, tax service locations, car washes, and restaurants. Everyone can benefit from a towering banner for their store. They work great in strip malls, at trade shows, or any event.

Design Options

Choose from a selection of pre-designed flags that are ready to ship to you today or create your own custom feather flag with your logo or artwork. Our in-stock options feature many of the most popular designs for getting attention for your business. Want to tell people you're ready for them to come in? Use a pre-printed open feather flag. Want to advertise your donut shop, yoga studio, or vape shop? We have you covered!

Like most such signage products, our in-stock flags are single-sided as are our custom flags by default. However, a double-sided option is available with custom flags.

When you design a custom flag, you can either use one of our existing banners with your customized text and/or logo, work with our design team for free, or you can send us your complete design for a totally custom look. This is a great way to enhance the brand value of your flags and banners.

Available Sizes

We offer a variety of sizes. Our in-stock, pre-designed flags come in our small 5 ft size and our large 12 ft size. The large model flag is 12 ft tall x 2.5 ft wide and when mounted on a pole, reaches 15 ft tall. The small model flag is 5 ft tall x 1.5 ft wide and when mounted on a pole reaches 7 ft in height.

If you order a custom sign, we also offer 7 ft, 10 ft and 16 ft feather flag options. The stands for these are 9 ft, 12 ft and 17 ft respectively. Additionally, we offer 7 ft, 9 ft and 12 ft teardrop flags. These use 8 ft, 10 ft and 14 ft poles respectively.

Finally, we also offer custom rectangular banners in 6 ft, 8 ft, or 10 ft options.

Feather flag size comparison with a man for scale

Feather Flag Hardware and Accessories

We offer hardware for displaying feather flags both indoors and outdoors. Our feather flags and feather banners can be set up using an x-stand, ground spike or even a portable backpack.

The x-stand is ideal for indoor use or on hard ground outdoors such as on pavement. Our stand is very stable and can work well outdoors, we do however advise our clients to be cautious of windy days.

The ground spike option is intended for outdoor use by sticking the pike into the ground. This option is perfect for our large, outdoor feather flags. Feather flags poles using ground spikes stay stable even in the wind.

Finally, we offer a backpack kit for our smaller feather flag options. It is fantastic for use during events such as trade shows or outdoor events. It offers dynamic, moving visibility that brings your message anywhere the action is.

Feather Flag Materials

All our flags are made with durable, knitted polyester. Our predesigned options are available in 115g polyester and custom flags are available in 100g material. This material is UV-resistant and rated for wind speeds up to 25 mph. The material is also weather-resistant, but we recommend not displaying our flags outdoors on rainy or snowy days to extend their lifespan.

Our feather flag products meet B1, M2, BS 5852, NFPA 701 and FZ/T 62011 fire resistance standards. You can count on all LookOurWay products to be durable and remain effective throughout their lifespans.

Feather Flag Care

Our feather flag and banner products are easily washable. They can usually be cleaned with just water, but you can use a mild detergent if necessary. After washing, allow the flag to drip dry thoroughly. Do not machine-dry your feather flag.

Feather Flag Set Up

Our feather flags are easy to set up. Each pole comes in several pieces that slot together. Then the flag fits over the pole. The setup process takes only a few minutes and the whole assembly can be broken down for storage.

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