In Stock Giant Inflatables

Shop our in-stock selection of giant character inflatables like the gorilla, eagle, balloon, and more. Call us today to discuss creating a custom shape and printed giant inflatable, our expert sales team is here to guide you through the process to create the perfect inflatable for your business.

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Inflatable Arches

Shop our selection of In-stock and custom made-to-order giant inflatable arches. Inflatable archways are perfect for marathons, triathlons, races, charity events, sporting events and grand openings. Call today and we can custom design an inflatable arch that is the color, style and size you need.

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Inflatable Tunnels & Team Sports

Consider giant inflatable tunnels for your next sporting event. Our inflatable tunnels add incredible excitement to events and games. Let your captain or mascot lead your school’s team out onto the field or court through a giant fully customizable inflatable tunnel. Made from commercial grade materials, your custom tunnel will last for seasons to come.

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Inflatable Promotional Costumes

Inflatable costumes are an exciting way to get your brand out there. Perfect for engagement marketing situations, our inflatable costumes can be custom designed and printed to your exact specifications. Whether you’re looking for an in-stock inflatable tube man costume, or a fully custom designed shape, our team of designers will get you precisely what you need for your next event.

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Why Use Giant Inflatables for Marketing?

What makes inflatable marketing so great? In simple terms, it's fun and eye-catching! When you get a giant inflatable to market your business, you're putting a unique display out there that represents your company. You'll also get these benefits from your custom inflatable product:

  • Increase brand awareness: A giant inflatable puts your company name up for all to see. Attract foot traffic and get your name out there with inflatable outdoor advertising. Or get indoor inflatable options for events to boost brand awareness.
  • Make your event sponsorship memorable: If your company is sponsoring an event, you'll use branded material to associate your name with that event. Do something unique with a custom inflatable product. You'll be the talk of the event, and all its guests will be sure to remember your company name and the impact you made.
  • Make an impact in a trade show or conference: If your business is presenting at a trade show or convention, liven up your display with character inflatables or other inflatable marketing options.
  • Stand out from the crowd: People are surrounded by different types of advertising every day. But unlike billboards, the 3D nature, and scale of a giant inflatable will cut through any advertising overload.

Tips for Using Inflatable Marketingtips.png

Once you know you want to use inflatable marketing, learn a few tips to make the best choice for your business. Choose a custom inflatable product that suits:

  • Your brand: If you're checking out inflatable marketing, you may have a fun and unique business. Character inflatables will suit your brand. For companies on the somewhat more serious side, you'll want branded, practical options like tents, arches, pillars and logos. Whatever you choose, get it customized to feature your company logo, name, colors and other branded details.
  • The event: Think about the event you're attending or sponsoring before you order. Sponsoring a marathon or walk? Consider an inflatable arch to decorate the finish line. Participating in an outdoor trade show? Get an inflatable tent to provide shade.
  • The location: Most companies use inflatables for outdoor advertising. Think about where your inflatable will go to decide what accessories you need and how to secure it. It'll also make it easier to decide what product to choose. A rooftop product, for instance, could be a character or logo inflatable.

These giant inflatables can be a marketing asset you can use for years, so it’s also important to find the right partner to bring your idea to life. Here are some things to consider or ask when deciding on a company to create your inflatable:

  • How long has the company been in business? – Creating giant inflatables isn’t easy. Knowing how to design and construct them properly can take time, so ask for verification either through media coverage or customer references to confirm the operation age of the business.
  • Can you get examples of other inflatables created in the past? – You want to make sure you’re going to love whatever design you create for your custom inflatable, so if you can’t find examples of past projects, make sure to ask for examples to see what type of style and variety your potential vendor has done.
  • Does anything seem too good to be true? – Super fast lead times or low prices mean you could get a lower quality product.


A fun and popular way to use inflatable marketing for your event is one of our wearable inflated costumes. Picture one of those inflated gorillas you see on a roof, and imagine one of your team members walking around, fully mobile in one. The product becomes a moving, interacting, fully inflated billboard for your business. It's an amazing conversation starter, and people will love taking selfies with an inflatable costume brandishing your logo. But our other giant inflatables will be just as perfect for putting your company name and logo out there at your next event.

Why LookOurWay for Giant Inflatables?

We're home to a huge collection of giant inflatable products that are in-stock and ready to ship, or they can be custom made to order. We have been in the business of making custom-designed giant inflatable products since 2008. Our experienced and talented designers are ready to get to work on your dream giant inflatable today for a quick turnover time and high-quality service. We also thoroughly inspect our products before shipping and only make them with the toughest, commercial-grade materials. Our goal is to make sure that any inflatable we create will be able to last for years. We use the highest quality nylong based UV coasted material for the body, and a super coated fabric for a non-rip base. We also make sure to place the 12 D-ring harness anchor points on the best place for your inflatable, so that you feel confident that when displayed it will be secure.

You know LookOurWay will get the job done right every time.

What Can You Make With LookOurWay?

Anything! Literally. We challenge you to give us your idea, and we'll bring it to life. We've made inflatable Android costumes, inflatable sport tunnels, 10-foot volleyballs and inflatable tents. But it doesn't stop there. We've also made inflatable arches, light-up rotating pillars, giant hot dogs, superheroes, enormous coffee mugs, drink bottles, cars, blimps and the list goes on! Here’s an overview of our custom inflatable products so you can choose which one is best for you and your business’ needs:


Custom Giant Inflatables

Get creative and design your own custom inflatable! Bring your team mascot to life, or use your company logo to make an impression. You can even create art piece or stage props for outdoor festivals, concerts and more.



Product Replicas

Customers won’t forget your product if it’s as tall as they are! We can replicate your product to your specifications or make your beverage product come to life with our can or bottle inflatables. Our expert design team can make sure that each detail of your product is just right so consumers will recognize it in any size.

Inflatable costumes

Interact with your customers in an inflatable version of your logo or mascot in costume form. This is a customer favorite for community events and relationship building when interacting with people. The smiles alone are worth it!



Inflatable arches

Make an impact for building entrances or to mark a finish line for a race or event. These arches are great for outdoor festivals, but we've also had clients use them in large spaces for trade shows and conventions. Whether it's the end of a marathon, or adding some excitement to a building entrance, an inflatable arch will make an impression. 

Sports inflatables 

Hype up fans, players and coaches alike with an inflatable for your sporting event! We can create giant inflatable sports balls, or inflatable tunnels including ones shaped like football helmets. Customize in your schools colors or logo and make their game-day entrance even more special. 

Custom inflatable tents

These are a great way to stand out at outdoor events, or trade shows. Custom print your choice of a dome, gazebo, or cube tent with your brand colors or logo.


Designing your custom marketing inflatable

  1. Getting started: If you’d like you can purchase your inflatable first, and then our team will reach out to begin the design process. We also offer free design mockups, so you can fill out this form here to get an initial mockup, and then make your purchase from there.
  2. Brainstorm: Start by bringing us your ideas, and our team of expert designers can help guide you from there. We’ll help talk through your ideas and goals and can offer ideas or advice on which type of details will help you get the most out of your giant custom inflatable.
  3. Design: Once we’ve gathered your ideas and goals, our design team will create a full 3D CAD rendering of your inflatable. You’ll be able to review the measurements, colors and details. Only after you’ve given your final approval on the design, will production begin.
  4. Production: After we’ve completed production of your giant inflatable, we will email you a picture of your design fully inflated for final approval. At that point we do offer one last opportunity to make minor adjustments prior to shipment.
  5. Delivery: Following final approval, we will ship your custom inflatable to you!


How Fast Will My Giant Inflatable Be Completed?

Our design team will get your proof back to you the same day you submit your idea. Once you approve the design, stock inflatables will be at your door within two weeks. More intricate and enormous designs can take up to 30 days. That includes a full inspection prior to shipping.

Get Giant Inflatables for Your Business With LookOurWay

Ready to get your name out there and impress future customers with custom inflatable products? Check out the giant inflatables above and order what you need with LookOurWay! Don't see what you need? Contact us online or give us a call at (866) 586-3888 to speak with our skilled product designers.

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