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Inflatable Costumes

inflatable costumes by LookOurWay.  Shop the full collection of LookOurWay wearable inflatable advertising costumes.  Everyone's seen side spinners, statue of liberty dancers, and sandwich board wearing advertising employees, but what really draws attention is an individual walking around in a 7ft inflatable advertising costume!  LookOurWay can custom design and create the perfect costume to attract valuable attention to you business or event. Our high quality costumes come with everything needed for operation (expect for batteries), and you can be inflated and in-use in less than 2 minutes. LookOurWay inflatable costumes use lightweight yet non-rip, specially formulated materials, to allow for flexibility, breathability, and lastablity. Inflatable costumes are effectively used by businesses both large and small.  Why pay tons of money for newspaper ads, google clicks, or an enormous fixed signs when you can spend a fraction of the money for much better results!  Speak with a member our customer support team and let us create the perfect custom design for you and your business.  

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