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Reviews and press clippings from some of the industries most trusted and infuential sources. LookOurWay products have been tested, reviewed, and accepted with open arms throughout the advertising and agricultural community.   

"99-invisible-air-dancer-logo.jpgYou see them on street corners, at gas stations, at shopping malls. You see them at blowout sales and grand openings of all kinds. Their wacky faces hover over us, and then fall down to meet us, and then rise up again. Their bodies flop. They flail. They are men. Men made of tubes. Tubes full of air". - Listen to full story here.





"They dance on street corners and used car lots, waving their stubby arms in the wind. Tirelessly they shimmy, collapse, and bob up again, stupid grin permanently glued to their stupid faces. They are wacky inflatable tube guys, a ubiquitous advertising product that manages to be mesmerizing, hilarious, and 

existentially bleak, depending on your mood. How did something so strange take over our commercial streetscape?"




"Mr. Pinot, as we call him fondly, we feel has done the best job of anything". "It kept the birds quite a ways away". "Especially in our problem area, the dancing guys just worked fantastic". AirRanger wildlife deterrent by LookOurWay was recent featured in the Wall Street Journal by Jon Kamp. He discussed the benefits of the air dancer in interviews with farmers who used them with successful results.   PDF copy of the article.





"My observation is that they work better than any of the other things that were tested". "they just didn't see birds like they normally do 

when these [figures] are dancing". An ongoing Cornell University study to assess bird damage to orchards across the country has found the AirRanger to be an effective and humane way to protect crops against birds. Read more about the article here.



"Growers typically use a variety of bird control methods, including netting, recorded danger-warning calls from different bird species, dummy birds of prey, and metal strips." See why the AirRanger is an ideal alternative, read the full article here




LookOurWay Air Dancers and Blowers are now available in Canada through Amazon. We have partnered with Amazon Canada and are happy to announce most of our products can be purchased directly from Amazon Canada. Click to see the listing on Amazon Canada. 



"The long-term goal of the study is to provide producers with cost-effective, environmentally sustainable bird-management strategies." Read more about the AirRanger in Wine & Vines. Click her for the full article.


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