Outdoor Reusable Balloons

Outdoor reusable balloons promote an exciting environment for your upcoming sale or event, but won’t wilt fade or pop like the short lived traditional helium balloon will. Choose from a wide selection of configuration kits to display an ever growing list of preprinted in-stock balloon colors and designs, or design your own custom balloons.

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Indoor Reusable Balloons

Indoor reusable balloons add excitement to your indoor sales floor or event, but with a professional and low maintenance look. Indoor balloon configuration kits range from 9ft tall balloon towers, to multi-balloon buds that hang from the ceiling, or even simple classy desk top kits with streamers.

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Custom Reusable Balloons

Let our experience design team help you develop a series of custom printed indoor or outdoor reusable balloons for your upcoming event or sale. With the ability to match pantone colors, and digitally print logos or branded messages to the entire surface of each balloon, the possibilities are endless. Click below to get started today!

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Balloon Kit Accessories

Update your existing indoor our outdoor balloon kits to accept more balloon stems, buy replacement kit components, or change the attachment type of your kit to options like Vertical Brackets, A-Frame Sign Attachment Mounts, Window Display Suction Brackets, or Light Pole Bands.

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What are reusable advertising balloons?

Reusable balloons are long-lasting alternative to traditional balloon products made of latex and needing helium. With the ability to last up to 4-6 months with minimal care, they are more of a permanent balloon solution.They can be placed both outside and inside, depending on your needs. They are truly an indoor or outdoor advertising product that can be used as a powerful marketing tool for your business. Along with vinyl balloons, we sell balloon kits that include the balloons, balloon stands, and other balloon hardware and accessories. Balloon kits can be used multiple ways to create displays that attract the attention of potential customers or clients.

What Types of Balloon Kits Are Available?

We offer many different ways to display our reusable balloons. Most kits begin with a balloon and a stem that holds the balloon aloft. From there, the stem then connects into a wide variety of brackets. Outdoor kits include 1, 3, or 5 balloon pole clusters, window display kits, light pole kits, a-frame sign attachment kits, and vertical bracket its for displaying on a fence or wall. Indoor kits include 35 or 45 balloon towers, hanging ceiling columns and buds, and table or counter top balloon displays with streamers.

Are Your Balloons in Stock?

We keep everything in stock and are prepared to ship orders as soon as they are placed, with the exception of custom orders. All of the kits and balloons you see, both indoor and outdoor, are in-stock and can ship the same day, if ordered before 2pm PST.

What Are Reusable Balloons Made Of and How Long Do They Last?

Reusable balloons are made of latex free UV resistant plastic that allows them to last for 4-6 months. Occasionally, dramatic shifts in temperature may require some balloons to be topped off from time to time. However, due to their helium free plastic construction, reusable balloons are designed to be fade resistant, always shiny, lightweight, easily inflated, and most importantly always look new and professional.

LookOurWay Reusable Balloons

Truly eye catching outdoor advertising products are hard to come by. Traditional colored balloons have always had that great wow factor, but they only last for a days. What if you could get the simple power of the balloon but with even more vibrant colors, months of perfectly inflated life, and the ability to change out and reuse your balloons? Let us introduce you to indoor and outdoor reusable balloons for advertising.

Reusable Balloons for Outdoor and Indoor advertising are the perfect low cost advertising solution for your business. These helium-free balloons are easily inflated by pump or mouth, portable, reusable, and will always float with that perfect new balloon look for 6 months. Catch your customer's eye with colorful balloon arrangements that are bright shiny and new every time. Arrange your reusable advertising balloons with the many kit options; single balloons, clusters, towers, and more. Stick them in the ground, suction cup them to a window; clip them on, screw them in, or tighten them down to light poles, car windows, retaining posts, gates, building facades... anywhere you need shiny new perfect balloons. Reusable balloon kits will defy gravity, and that age old 1-day lifespan you get from the conventional helium balloon. Rise above the competition, get noticed today with reusable advertising balloons and kits for balloon columns and clusters.

Branch Out With Reusable Advertising Balloons

Balloons are a great way to catch people's attention and they can be a great addition to any storefront, open house, booth, or display. However, common balloon solutions aren't always the most cost efficient products or the quality that business owners expect. Helium balloons have a tendency to pop or deflate in just a few days and may require a lot of extra maintenance work to continue looking nice and professional. Save time and money by investing in reusable balloons for all of your indoor and outdoor advertising needs.

Our line of reusable balloons are built to last. Our wide selection of permanent balloons can give your business ability to bring your brand colors and message to life anywhere.

Advertising Balloon Options

We offer three categories of balloons: outdoor, indoor, and custom. Different kit types are available for indoor and outdoor, and any can be customized as well.

A wide range of colors are available. Basic colors such as red, blue, yellow, and green are accessible, but silver and gold are also in our catalog. You can also choose to purchase balloons with checkered patterns or the word “sale” pre-printed. With a MOQ of 50 balloons with the same design, any balloon can be customized on all sides. Full color imprints can be made to match any color.

Balloon Sizes

Our balloons come in a few different sizes, depending on your needs. Dura Balloons are 18” and BalloonBobbers are 17”x 16”. PermaShine balloons can be either 13”x 9” or 12”x 9”.

Balloon Kit Types

LookOurWay has balloon kits for both indoors and outdoors. Each kit includes all necessary parts for setup, such as ground stakes and attachments. Balloon column kits, tabletop kits, and balloon tower kits are available, as well as many other options. Each are different and can add something unique to a display. Balloon kits typically weigh about 30 pounds.

Balloon Hardware and Accessories

If you need replacement parts for your balloons or wish to change things up, we offer all types of accessories that be useful. Ground stakes, weighted bases, and banded brackets are available for the following items:

  • • 1 Cluster kits
  • • Long poles
  • • Short poles

We have replacements for both indoor and outdoor reusable kits. LookOurWay also offers these types of hardware:

  • • 1 A-Frame bracket kits
  • • Car window kits
  • • Vertical bracket kits
  • • Suction cup kits
  • • Light pole kits

Fiberglass ground spikes are 30” tall and are marked hallway down to indicate how they need to be hammered into the ground. Metal ground spikes are 24”. We offer weighted bases for DuraBalloon and Balloon column kits.

Balloon Materials

Each balloon is made with latex-free plastic and weighs about one pound, while jumbo balloons weigh 11 pounds. While they can be popped when damaged, the strong plastic of these balloons prevents them from bursting easily. Both indoor and outdoor balloons are made to last in rough weather conditions and are UV resistant.

Balloon Care

Our balloons require minimum care and attention during their 4-6 months of life. If your balloons get soiled or smudged, you can use soap and water to clean the material. These balloons are not fire resistant and should be placed away from extreme heat.

How To Setup Advertising Balloons

Our balloons are easy to set up, and they come with assembly instructions. BalloonBobbers can be blown by mouth, but you may want to use a specialized pump to make the process easier. The fast flow pump, double action hand/foot pump, and mini air compressor are available for purchase.

What Can These Balloons Be Used For?

LookOurWay’s balloon displays fit comfortably in areas such as showrooms, hotels, corporate events, trade shows, car dealerships, or other public places. This is an opportunity to attract the attention of customers or individuals passing by. Balloons are a simple and cost-efficient way to advertise products and sales, and our reusable balloons make it even easier to add creativity to any marketing strategy.

You can set up these balloons in any way that fits your needs. With our wide variety of colors and kits, you can choose which products work best for your company.


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