Outdoor Reusable Balloons

Outdoor reusable balloons promote an exciting environment for your upcoming sale or event, but won’t wilt fade or pop like the short lived traditional helium balloon will. Choose from a wide selection of configuration kits to display an ever growing list of preprinted in-stock balloon colors and designs, or design your own custom balloons.

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Indoor Reusable Balloons

Indoor reusable balloons add excitement to your indoor sales floor or event, but with a professional and low maintenance look. Indoor balloon configuration kits range from 9ft tall balloon towers, to multi-balloon buds that hang from the ceiling, or even simple classy desk top kits with streamers.

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Custom Reusable Balloons

Let our experience design team help you develop a series of custom printed indoor or outdoor reusable balloons for your upcoming event or sale. With the ability to match pantone colors, and digitally print logos or branded messages to the entire surface of each balloon, the possibilities are endless. Click below to get started today!

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Balloon Kit Accessories

Update your existing indoor our outdoor balloon kits to accept more balloon stems, buy replacement kit components, or change the attachment type of your kit to options like Vertical Brackets, A-Frame Sign Attachment Mounts, Window Display Suction Brackets, or Light Pole Bands.

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Reusable Vinyl Balloons

Are you looking for an affordable way to catch people's attention? Reusable balloons are great additions to any storefront, open house, booth or display, attracting prospective clients with their bright colors and lively appearance.

What Are Reusable Balloons?

Reusable balloons are similar to traditional latex balloons, except they consist of UV-resistant plastic that allows them to last for four to six months — much longer than the shorter lifespan of other balloons. Each balloon attaches to a sturdy stem holder and gets inflated with air, an environmentally friendly alternative to helium, and is immediately ready for use.

Types of Reusable Balloons

We offer a wide range of reusable balloons, strategically designed to correspond with all industries and advertising strategies. If you're looking for a cost-effective way to drive business, consider using the following.

  • Outdoor reusable balloons: Create an exciting environment to promote your upcoming sale or event using outdoor reusable balloons. We offer a wide selection of configuration kits, like balloon pole clusters, light pole kits, suction cup kits and bracket kits, to attract the attention of passersby from every angle of your storefront.
  • Indoor reusable balloons: Using indoor reusable balloons adds excitement to your sales floor or event with a professional and low-maintenance look. Our indoor balloon configuration kits range from nine-foot-tall balloon towers to multi-balloon buds that hang from your ceiling, or even a classy tabletop kit to attract patrons to your sales personnel.
  • Custom balloons: Let our experienced design team help you create a custom indoor or outdoor reusable balloon for your upcoming event or sale. We can create a tailor-made balloon cluster with your brand's colors and digitally printed logo or brand message on the entire surface of each balloon — the possibilities are endless.

Our reusable balloons come in kits, outfitted with all the balloons, stem holders and hanging equipment you need for easy setup.


Benefits of Using Reusable Balloons

By adding reusable balloons to your advertising strategy, your business can benefit in ways like these.

1. Increases Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is how familiar your audience is with your business and how easily they can recognize you in the crowded marketplace. You don't want your business to blend in with the competition — you want to stand out.

Using reusable balloons helps you establish brand awareness by attracting visual attention to your business, enhanced with the strategic use of your brand's colors and logo on each balloon for a consistent brand appearance your customers will recognize.

2. Highlights Promotions and Events

Are you planning a special event or promotion? Or, are you looking to draw attention to your business' grand opening? Reusable balloons' bright colors and eye-catching appearance will gain the attention your company deserves, generating more awareness than if you hadn't used them.

3. Drives Foot Traffic

More foot traffic means more sales. The secret to generating this is to make your storefront feel fun and inviting, which reusable balloons can easily achieve. Place a few outdoor reusable balloon clusters or stand-alone balloon poles in front of your store, and customers will flock to your front door.

4. Generates Positive ROI

Reusable balloons are an investment, with kits starting as low as $20. As we mentioned earlier, reusable balloons can last four to six months, making them a more permanent alternative to traditional balloons — which only have a brief lifespan and can rack up a high price tag with continuous use.

Reusable balloons can generate a positive return on investment, attracting more promising customers and paying for themselves over time.

5. Withstands Various Weather Conditions

Reusable balloons are tough, designed with durable UV-resistant plastic that keeps its shape and vibrant color, even after weeks under the summer sun. Your reusable balloons will even attract attention during the cold winter months, resistant to shrinkage or deflation.

Could Your Business Benefit From Reusable Balloons?

Yes — any business can use, and benefit from, reusable balloons! Reusable balloons' design attracts attention, making them perfect for all industries.

  • • Retail: If you're having a sale or showcasing new merchandise, let your customers know using reusable balloons.
  • • Auto: Car dealership balloons are an ideal Away to drive sales. We offer exterior reusable balloons with special stem holders, where you can attract attention to a specific vehicle make or to your dealership's front door.
  • • Real estate: Are you preparing for an open house? Place a reusable balloon on your "for sale" sign, and you're sure to capture prospective homebuyers' attention.
  • • Amusement: Amusement attractions are the epitome of fun — and so is the bright, weightless appearance of reusable balloons!

Whether you're wishing to call attention to your sale, trying to attract customers to a luxurious vehicle or looking to draw curious passersby to your company, reusable balloons can help you achieve your advertising goals.

How to Assemble Your Reusable Balloons

When you order your indoor or outdoor reusable balloons from LookOurWay, your order will arrive in a convenient kit. Your kit's content will vary depending on your order and may include:

On your first order, you'll also want to add a balloon inflator and an inflator tip so you can inflate the balloons when you're ready to use them. And, if you decide to deflate your reusable balloons after your sale or event, you can also purchase a deflator pump.

Cluster Pole Kit Assembly Instructions

A popular reusable balloon kit purchase is the versatile cluster pole kit. In your kit, you'll receive:

  • • A heavy-duty stem with balloon hooks.
  • • Second, smaller stems with balloon hooks.
  • • An upper cup.
  • • A threaded snap plug.
  • • Deflated balloon or balloons.

Once you've unpacked your kit, easily assemble your cluster pole by:

  1. 1. With the second heavy-duty stem upright and the balloon hook facing upward, take the upper cup and threaded snap plug — the threaded snap plug should fit in the center hole of the upper cup — and secure the threaded snap plug into the stem by twisting it.
  2. 2. Extend your balloon and locate the possible inflation locations at the top and bottom. Tightly insert a large nozzle tip into the inflation hole.
  3. 3. Plug the inflator into the nozzle tip and fill the balloon half full. You want the balloon to be slightly saggy, so it's easier to fit the balloon to the upper cup.
  4. 4. At the base of your balloon, you'll notice two flaps with holes. Slip the balloon onto the upper cup, and pull the flap's holes over the balloon hook on the heavy-duty stem.
  5. 5. Fill the balloon until fully inflated, then push the inflation plug until tight, making sure no air can escape.
  6. 6. Secure the second stem into the top of the larger heavy-duty stem, twisting and locking them into place onto the cluster brackets.
  7. 7. Repeat these steps for every balloon and cluster bracket on your pole until completed.

If you have any assembly questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at 866-586-3888, and one of our friendly customer service representatives will help you every step of the way.


Let LookOurWay Help You Find the Best Reusable Balloons for Your Business

At LookOurWay, we're promotional advertising experts. Our goal is to deliver advertising strategies that attract customers to your door and boost sales.

Visit us online and browse our preprinted indoor and outdoor reusable balloons, or we'd love to work with you to design custom-printed permanent balloons. Have any questions? Contact us, and we'll guide you in the right direction.


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