Custom Trade Show Products

While LookOurWay® has become well know as an outdoor advertising manufacturer and supplier of attention grabbing products, we’ve quietly made a name for ourselves by bringing the game indoors. By ratcheting down the scale of some of our more popular large scale outdoor promotional products like Air Dancers® brand of inflatable tube men, as well as filling out our offering with event and trade show specific products, we are now able to fully outfit our customers for their next trade shows, events, exhibitions, and conferences. Brand your entire booth area with LookOurWay® custom trade show products.

What can LookOurWay do for my next trade show?

LookOurWay is in a unique position to provide many different kinds of effective, exciting, and useful promotional products. We are able to produce custom printed and designed canopy tents, backdrops, banners, signs, inflatables, promotional costumes, event games, and so much more.

What is the point of an Event Game?

Event games are incredible ways to create a lively and interactive atmosphere in your event space. Everyone loves a little friendly competition, and using LookOurWay event games will allow you to form a bond with your clients and also give you the opportunity to make your pitch.

What can be custom printed?

Everything. The powerful effect of visual branding helps to install brand retention in anyone you interact with when you display LookOurWay trade show products. A custom printed backdrop wall, branded boldly with your company’s logo from top to bottom, with a custom printed table cover or podium for the front reception table is about as strong and clean a statement as you can make. These products aren’t just for indoor trade shows either; custom canopy tents double as outdoor shelters for your team, as well as valuable branding billboards.

Does LookOurWay have a creative department that can create a design plan for my business?

Our in-house talented design team is ready to help design and layout anything and everything you would like to display; and, we’ll do it for you at no extra charge. Take advantage of our Free Design Request service where our art team will help design and provide free mockups of any custom item we offer. Select a category above to get started today.


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