Used Cars Feather Flag - 5ft

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Bring in more customers to your car auto dealership with our 5ft Used Car Feather Flags. Let people who are passing your business know that your dealership sells used cars. This flag's vibrant red and yellow colors allows for easy visibility which makes your business go unoticed. These feather banners are guaranteed to bring in more sales.

Product features

  • • 1 5ft "Used Cars" Feather Flag in Red, Yellow & White lettering (as pictured)
  • • Single-Sided Design (mirror image on back of flag)
  • • This flag uses no wind design and allows flag to be visible without any wind.
  • • Highest quality & longest lasting material


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5ft Used Cars Feather Flag

Feather flags are the staple marketing and promotional item for Used Cars. LookOurWay's 5ft open faced red and yellow feather flags are the perfect way to promote your used car lot and market your business. LookOurWay's feather flags are the highest quality and created with bright colored and lasting material that will surely attract business. When potential customers are looking for a used car, LookOurWay's feather flags will bring that client to you. The more you make customers aware of your business, the more revenue will come in. Don't go one more day without LookOurWay's Used Cars feather flags.

Feather Flag Comes With:

  • 1 "USED CARS" feather flag in Red & Yellow (as pictured)
  • Back side is mirrored image
  • Feather flag needs small LookOurWay Pole Set for operation

Feather Flag Specs:

  • Flag Height: 5ft
  • Assembled on Pole Height: 7ft
  • No wind design allows for banner flag to be visible & clear even with no wind.
  • Fits all small LookOurWay brand poles, ground spikes, and feather flag accessories.
  • Highest quality & longest lasting material.
  • Bold Red & Yellow Design


Feather Flag Height: 5ft
Assembled on Pole Height: 7ft
Fits LookOurWay Small Feather Flag Hardware.
Bold red and yellow colors.

Warranty info

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shipping info

Ships to all 48 U.S. contiguous states.
Please contact us for shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or international.


Do not expose in harsh weather conditions (storms, high-winds, etc.)
Make sure to store away properly when not in use.