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Used Cars light pole banners by LookOurWay®. LookOurWay outdoor promotional products have proven track records with used and new car lots alike; avenue light post banners are the next big thing to get you noticed and increase traffic to your lot. The beauty of light pole banners for car lots, is that you already have the critical ingredient, the light post itself! LookOurWay Used Cars avenue banners are preprinted and easy to instal. Made with UV Resistant and waterproof materials, as well as long lasting and bold colors, we've brought you another excellent sales and promotion tool. Get noticed today!

Production and Shipping:

  • Used Cars banners are pre-printed, in-stock, and ready to ship.
  • Be sure to order hardware kits should you need them to be included in your order and shipment.
  • Orders will ship via FedEx or UPS Ground and tracking will be emailed as soon as the order ships.
  • Please contact LookOurWay at 866-586-3888 for an expedited shipping if you need items faster than our regular ground service.


Banner Specifications:

  • 16oz blockout vinyl banner
  • Double sided digital print
  • 2 inch pole pocket on top and bottom
  • UV resistant & waterproof
  • Brass grommets on each of the four corners


Hardware Specifications:

  • 2 Fiberglass Arms - 18”, 24”, or 30” inches wide.
  • 2 Steel mounting brackets with accessories
  • 4 Steel bands to secure hardware to pole


What Are Light Pole Banners?

Now that you’re shopping for a light pole banner, you’re going to notice these products everywhere! That’s because the product is extremely effective and cost efficient in promoting an event, business, or seasonal celebration. Light pole banners are made up of our special mounting brackets that affix 2 fiberglass poles to a light pole. Then a weatherproof custom printed banner is vertically hung between the 2 poles, prominently displaying the banners message and design. Light pole banners are most commonly used by cities, universities, and businesses to promote seasonal events and celebrations such as Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Light pole banners are most commonly utilized on main city roads, street boulevards, and downtown avenues.


Full Custom Design Also Available:

LookOurWay light pole banners are fully customizable and our graphic design team, will actually do the custom design for you. FOR FREE. IN UNDER 1 HOUR! You heard us right, have us create a custom design specifically for you, right now. Complete the Custom Design Request form to receive your custom design in under 1 hour. View the custom light pole banner page here.

Available Sizes:

We know what our customers want, because we listen to them. To fit the needs of 99% of our customer requests, we carry 3 different size light pole banner widths, 18”, 24”, and 30”. If you need a special custom size, contact our California based customer service team and they’ll help you out. But we recommend sticking with one of our 3 stock widths (18”, 24”, and 30”) to not miss out on our rock bottom prices and lightning fast production speed.


Materials, Construction, & Design:

Weather Resistant Vinyl:

We use high quality materials, components, and manufacturing techniques to ensure that your light pole banner will last for years. Rain, snow, sun, and wind are no match for the 16oz UV resistant vinyl banners, stainless steel mounting bands, and brass grommets that make up your Light Pole Banner kit.

Hemmed Pole Pocket Banner Connection:

To keep things simple and extra secure, we by default add 2” hemmed pole pockets to all light pole banners. This allows for easy installation with our hardware kit. But if you’re using another hardware kit that perhaps is already installed, know that our 2” hemmed pole pockets will fit poles up to 1 ¼” thickness or diameter. If you need larger pole pockets, not a problem, we can do this for you, you’ll just need to specify in your order notes.

Grommets To Tighten The Fit:

Included in all light pole banners are pre-installed brass grommets (in each of the four corners) that allow for easy and secure installation with the use of the included zip ties.


Hardware & Bracket Info:

What’s Included in The Bracket & Hardware Kit?

  • Fiberglass Poles (QT: 2)
    • 18”, 24”, or 30” Width (depending on the model you select).
  • Heavy Duty Brackets (QT: 2)
    • Heavy duty, rust resistant, and weather resistant brackets to properly affix the entire unit securely to a wide variety of poles. Included accessories; 2 threaded I bolts, two security screws, and stainless metal connection ring.
  • Steel Bands (QT: 4)
    • Heavy-duty, rust, and weather resistant steel worm gear bands are used to securely affix the hardware kit to the a variety of pole shapes and sizes, within a max circumference of 47” or a diameter of 15”.


Installation Info:

To view the full installation guide, view the Owners Manual & Installation Guide. Here are the quick notes:

  1. Attach mount to pole by using steel bands.
  2. Insert fiberglass poles into mount.
  3. Connect banner by Insert fiberglass poles through the banners hemmed pockets.
  4. To secure poles, slide pin through mount connect poles to mount.
  5. Hand screw i-bolt into hole on mount.
  6. Fasten zip ties through brass grommets and to i-bolts.

Dual Light Pole Banners:

Light Pole Banners are commonly ordered and used in sets of 2. This gives a very symmetrical and professional look and feel to your messaging. If you’d like to order dual banners, all you need to do is select (QT: 2) at checkout. That’s it!


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